Tuesday, October 19, 2010

12WBT +30

Ugh.  Mondayitis.  It's very much like Fridayitis, only with less to look forward to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go around and do anything that would get a song written about me (like one Brenda Ann Spencer; not that I think she did it just for a song...one would hope.  Now I think about it, I feel I am worthy of a song...).  I think part of me would like to go back to my undergraduate days - days where I chose subjects based on what time I felt like getting out of bed.  I'm going through a phase of my body wanting to continue sleeping and my mind jumping around in my noggin' like a two year-old-on speed (erm, or what I would imagine a two-year-old on speed would be like).  It's a day on automatic pilot.

I'm starting to get slack when it comes to breakfasts.  I'm having it, which in itself is a major coup for me, just not quite what is planned for the day.  It's my own variation (based on whatever's easiest to prepare the night before - that's not entirely true.  What would be easiest would be a muffin or crumpets - I'm still doing cereal, fruit & yoghurt, just not every day.  Note to self: grind up more linseed.).  Having breakfast is now very much a 'set in concrete' routine for me.  I haven't skipped one breakfast since the program started.  I'd hate to think how grumpy I'd be if I did (I would say like a coffee addict without their fix...but I'm not really a coffee drinker, so don't know how that'd feel - but I'm picking I'd act in much the same way - lol).

See.  I told my personalities that this program - even if I didn't lose weight - would be beneficial to me in terms of habits (and general fitness).  It took a while to get a consensus to just bite the bullet and do it.  Reading that sentence back, I feel I should explain that I am not really a crazy person.  Well...just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my sanity is in the mind of the beholder (and as I be the one holding it - what I say goes!).  Sorry.  Bad joke (but they're all I know).

Enjoyed the wrap for lunch.  We put in alfalfa sprouts and snow pea shoots - just for the added ...crunch.  Very tasty (also, Jarlsberg was our preferred cheese - not the Swiss).  Am looking forward to the next wrap this week...mmm, wraps.  Wraps are good people.  Stir fry for dinner was good too, though I have to admit to giving the shit ache mushrooms to Wifey as mushrooms are definitely not good people!  I don't blame them for being disgusting things; I'm just a fussy bugger.

Exercise was feeble.  Just a walk around the neighbourhood.  Only 370 calories.  Not happy, Jan (sorry if Jan is reading this - not really unhappy with you personally, just a turn of phrase that gets bandied about).

Oh, fark.  I had no idea that Mish actually looked at these blogs.  I was very surprised to see a comment from her (from anyone for that matter) on one of my entries.  Then for her to say that she was mentioning my blog on Twitter!  I've been twittered...or tweeted...  Hmm, does that make me a twat? (Rhetorical question - no need to answer, thank you ;) ).  To be fair, I thought it was just a random comment, someone pulling my leg.  I don't even know why I looked at my blog on the way home from work.  When I got home, I thought I'd look on Twitter (having never been to the site, I didn't know if messages were available to all in sundry, or just those with accounts).  Sure enough - my name was in lights (well, in the "twitterverse").  Scary stuff.
I've been telling anyone who would (and wouldn't) listen that I was a legend...
I dunno about being a legend.  I consider myself very good at being able to write about absolutely nothing...at length.  Some days it's a struggle, but I'm thinking of it as a discipline...

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