Sunday, October 3, 2010

12WBT +14

The day started very oddly.  I was more hyper than a two-year-old who'd eaten a whole bag of blue Smarties!  I was bouncing off the ceiling.  Why?  I'm now guessing it was a case of being over-tired and bloody knackered (again, my standard disclaimer - not literally knackered!).  Anyhow, poor ol' Wifey was not enjoying the fact that I was on such a buzz.  As she was lying there, trying to doze in peace, I was literally bouncing around on the bed and talking at 90mph (and then some).

This, however, was not to last for more than an hour.  I had been wishing for it to pour down so that our training session with PT would be cancelled.  Alas, there was no rain (well, not until about 30mins after we got home - MURPHY!!!!!!!!!).  Our session was on.  Not overly happy, Jan.

Now, in saying that I wasn't wanting to do this session, I am starting to - on some very sick level - enjoy them.  That is just between you and I.  There is no way I'm telling Wifey or PT this yet.  How, you may ask, do I know that I'm starting to enjoy them?  Well, that's a very good question!  It comes down to the amount of foul language I spit out during the session.  I'm now down to only swearing under my breath - usually when at the opposite end of the reserve to PT.  This is a vast improvement on directing it all at PT.  My sarcasm is now starting to come out, which, for me, is always a good sign.

At the end of the hour, PT asked how I'd gone with calories.  I looked at my trusty HRM and couldn't quite believe it.  Showed PT and had it verified - 935 calories dropped.  Yeeeehaaaaw.  Mind you, I felt it!  The burn was a killer.  But I have survived to tell the story ;)

The rest of the day was very ho-hum.  Went to the mall to pick up some gifts and stuff.  Then went over to Leichardt to visit a wee shop in the Piazza to pick up a Venetian mask for Wifey's dad's birthday later this week.  After that it was to the supermarket to do the weekly shop - which was a very small shop (we're off to Melbourne next weekend so didn't need to worry about 3 days worth of meals - but I'm going to have to watch myself down there!).

We had thought about going to the movies but changed our mind.  Instead, a certain someone (who shall remain nameless, but suffice to say it was not Wifey) fell asleep on the couch.  Aww.  Bless.  I think it was out of respect for the scrummy dinner - polenta and braised veggies (now why is this not in our weekly menu?  Easy.  Quick.  Yummy.).  While Wifey was braising the veggies, I had the double duty of cooking the polenta AND making the banana bread for brekkie.  I'm male.  I don't multi-task at all very well.  Okay, so I did survive this...successfully.  Maybe it was cooking that made me tired (I usually only do the brekkie and lunch duties) ;)


  1. I Love reading your blogs. They are full of so much humour. I'm hearing you about the PT thing. I have this love hate relationship with PT. I hate having to go and working so hard but when it's over I love it because I've done it and usually pushed so much harder that I thought I could.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice Cal burn! You must have worked really hard. Well done.

  3. Tanks be to you both!

    Humour? Other people tell me that too, but really, I'm the least funny person I know - and I know at least three people!

    As for the workout, it wasn't so much a case of working hard - it was more a case of PT working out that if she makes me puffed, I stop complaining (well, I can't complain as much).