Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12WBT +37


My arms were fair killing me.  All day.  Exercise is dangerous, m'kay.  I know I'm sounding like a big girl's blouse, but bloody oath.  I can't straighten them.  I must look very odd walking through the CBD with bent arms (leading to shrugged shoulders).  I'm stretching them as much as possible in the hope they'll come right soon.  Time will tell.

I feel that, despite my efforts to burn calories on Saturday, I fear I'm going to have a bad week in terms of weight loss (or a good week for weight gain - whichever works for you).  I overdosed on bread and am feeling the effect of it.  Not good.  I might surprise myself but amn't hopeful.

The last couple of weeks have been bad for me in terms of sleep patterns.  I'm getting to sleep later but waking up at the same time - and feel like I need more sleep.  Must be beyond over tired, which surely can't be helping the exercising.  Surely, if you're feeling tired you can't be putting 100% effort in.  Sadly, I can't say I put any effort in today :(  I mean, I did have a very brisk walk up to the Post Office and back (granted, only about a 10 minute walk each way).  When I got home I was too tired and too sore.  Two lame excuses, but as I said, I wouldn't be putting 100% in to it - not even 50%.

My pledge is to put more effort in this week.  No more slacking off.  I mean, I had Friday, Sunday and now today off.  That's slack and I deserve to be admonished for it.

Food-wise.  Today I had cereal and yoghurt for brekkie.  Corn thins for lunch (with no topping) and a packet of the lightly salted roasted chickpeas.  Am very partial to the chickpeas.  When you don't like nuts - roasted chickpeas are a great alternative.  At least there was no bread...over bread.


  1. I love feeling the after burn from a really good training session, even if it's almost impossible to move without crying for the next 2 days!

  2. The after burn is something that my poor, ol' body is slowly coming to grips with. I know the pain is short lived and the results will last, but when you've had 34 years of being a bone idle git, the body takes a bit to appreciate this... ;)