Saturday, October 9, 2010

12WBT +20

Knowing that we're chilling in Melbourne over the weekend, Wifey and I went for a wee power walk when we got up. Ended up killing (not literally I don't think) about 615cals. Throughout the day (having two consecutive long weekends can be strongly recommended) we did another couple of decent walks. Granted, they weren't hard out but they were at a consistent speed (and for over an hour). The in-laws were staying so we wandered around the neighbourhood with them.

Brekkie ended up being around 10.30 and boy was I starving by then. I had two crumpets (with no butter or jams etc), 20g of puffed wheat with 60g LF Greek yoghurt. Oh, and a kiwifruit. By the time we had lunch at 1pm, I wasn't overly hungry. Still, I ordered a vege burger (that came with wedges). I was really good - didn't eat the burger bun (white & untoasted, with butter on it) or the wedges. Sounds silly, but I am pleased with my ability to restrain myself now :). Well. Until dinner at the airport. Ended up having pork in Peking sauce & chicken teriyaki on steamed rice at the airport. Pleased I'd done the extra walking!

The flight down was good but the plane was uncomfortably hot. Perhaps this is Virgin Blue's way of getting people to buy more onboard ;)

Anyhow - Melbourne beckons :)

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