Thursday, October 28, 2010

12WBT +39

Weigh in day.  I had a feeling deep down that it was going to be a bad, bad day.  After one excellent week, followed by a slack, lazy and bread-laden weekend, I couldn't do anything but gain weight.  Gut (no pun intended) feeling: 2.5kg increase.  Was not looking forward to the scales.  Gritted my teeth and jumped on.  I wasn't far wrong.  Weight gain.  Granted, not the 2.5kgs I was expecting.  It was 700g.  All going to plan, I should lose weight next week (well, last time I gained weight, it was followed by a nearly 4kg drop).  Fingers crossed, anyway...

Hump day.  It's all downhill from today.  Two more days and then the weekend.  Sleeping in.  Lazing about.  No work!  Huzzah!  Well, almost huzzah.  Wifey has a bit of school work to do and I really need to pull finger and focus on my PhD again.

After a tasty brekkie (well, haven't had the puffed wheat in a while), I got stuck into work.  My manager was shocked to see the draft outline for a report I'm about to take over.  Four pages - and that's only the headings.  He said he wanted it to be more substantial than the three-page report two years ago.  Dealt with a few emails.  Made a couple of calls.  Mundane stuff, but I felt that it was productive.

Lunch was cottage cheese on corn thins (okay, getting a bit bored with the corn thins now).  Mixed some hot chilli in with the cottage cheese.  Had a wicked kick to it by lunchtime.  Whoo!  Nearly blew the top off...but after the initial shock it was delish.

By the time I got home, I was hanging out to get stuck into some exercise (sick, huh? ;) ).  In went my fav Biggest Loser DVD.  Spent 50 minutes huffing, puffing and sweating away - killed another 675 calories.  Am hoping that keeping this up will result in a drop on the scales next week.

Dinner consisted of a lovely laksa.  Wifey may've found it just a tad spicy (courtesy of me putting extra spice into it - just to finish the jar, mind you).  It was spicy, but that's the way I like it.  It was the perfect dish for the day - I felt like the spice kick (lunch and dinner - bonus!).  I wonder what the next six week will bring in terms of meals.  I've enjoyed most of the meals so far; really enjoyed maybe 60% of them (of the ones that I can eat).

Can't believe that this coming Monday will be the second half of the program.  Who would've thought the time would fly by so quickly?  I expected it to kind of drag out - and be hungry most of the time.  It hasn't - and I'm not.  That has to be a sign of a good program.  I's-a picked a winner!

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