Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12WBT +22

How quickly long weekends seem to fly by...especially when you end up being lazy and sleep in ;)

After surfacing, which I must say is a difficult thing to do these days, we checked out of the hotel and went in search of brekkie.  Well.  I think I'm using that phrase very lightly.  We knew where we wanted to try and went there (with a slight technical glitch that required a small amount of back-tracking).  I think the days of watching what I was eating went out the window!  Had a yummy crocque monsieur for brekky (with tea - not coffee - to make up for the cheese and bread).

Exercise today was limited, again, to walking around Melbourne.  After a visit to the Tim Burton exhibition (bloody brilliant - and popular to boot!) there was a stroll around looking for a place to dine.  Eventually found one along Southbank - convenient to the hotel (where we'd left the bags), as it transpired.  I'm really, really hoping that there was enough walking to get me through all the food I ate over this weekend!  It wasn't bad - but it wasn't good, either.  Such is life though.  

By the time we got home, which wasn't overly late, we were fair knackered.  Neither of us were much looking forward to the joys that Monday usually bring - especially Wifey, coming off from two weeks holidays.  The things we have to do for an income, huh?

I had contemplated the thought of going for a short walk before bed - not a happening thing.  The contemplation was more than enough exertion for me, thank you.  Instead, the focus turned to emptying bags and getting lives ready for the week ahead (ugh, a full 5 days at work) - tres, tres depressing.  

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