Sunday, October 31, 2010

12WBT +40

Day 40!  Really!  I'm thinking that I could give something up for Lent - especially if those 40 days go as quickly as these ones have.

I finished yesterday's blog talking about how this program has to be a winner.  As a result of that, I spent a bit of time reflecting on why I think it's a winner (aside from the fact that the time's flown by and I'm not suffering hunger pangs).  From day 1, I had a goal in my mind as to the weight I want to lose (30kgs - sounds a lot but I need to) but that wasn't the driving factor in joining up.  To me, any weight loss is a bonus.  Granted, I am happy when I lose; a bit sad when I gain, but the real reason I joined up was for a holistic lifestyle change.  Our meals weren't terribly different to what the program suggests - the difference was the portion size.  Also, I wasn't the biggest fan of breakfast (except on weekends).  These changes to lifestyle, along with the introduction of regular exercise is what I've been looking for.  Sure.  I could've gone to the gym and got a PT a lot sooner but I don't think that would've helped at the time.

Anyhow, reflection aside (until I look more closely at this week's weekly challenge, that is).  When I got home from work I threw in my fav DVD (as is becoming routine).  I really don't know why/how the mind and the body work together.  When I'm not as enthused about doing the exercise I don't burn as many calories - even if I feel that I'm putting the same amount of effort into it (clearly I'm not).  The effort today saw 905 calories go (after 65 minutes).

Wouldn't be surprised if I almost went into calorie deficit.  As much as I loved lunch, I just wasn't hungry.  The Thai Beef salad was tasty, especially as I added a few sprouts and some carrot into it.  Had crumpets (with nothing on them) for brekkie and a packet of roasted chickpeas during the day.  Seemed to be enough to keep me going.  In saying that, I did start feeling peckish while cooking dinner - but that's about as far as it got.  Had a small pasta dish for dinner, which was OK.  Just so that my body doesn't think that I was ignoring it completely, I even had a slice of banana loaf for dessert (we had a few bananas going spare from last week so I made the banana loaf from week 2 - it freezes really well, so the fact I made a double batch doesn't hurt - just fills our freezer up).

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