Friday, October 8, 2010

12WBT +19

Dear Diary,

Today...wait a minute.  This ain't no diary.  It's just...well, I guess a blog is a form of a diary.  No one said you have to write in a diary on a daily basis.  A blog is an online diary - just with a silly name ;)

Only been in my new job for a few weeks and applied for an internal promotion.  Was told yesterday that they would interview in 2-3 weeks.  Today, at about 10am, was asked if I could do a 2.30pm interview.  Now, I interview really badly.  I'm a right shocker.  I know what they want to hear, but have a habit of being honest - which looks bad on me.  I don't really care whether I get the job or not now.  There may be some other opportunities crop up for me there if I bide my time.  S'all good :)

I had a lazy day.  No exercise.  This shall be my rest day.  I have a day off on the morrow so can go for a walk or something then.  In-laws are down for a couple of days, which is really nice.  We went out for dinner and I really, really, REALLY surprised myself (and the waitress).  In reverse order: no dessert (sure, I looked at the menu and thought I could've eaten the creme brulee - but didn't even feel like I missed out on anything); mains - a roast pumpkin, sweet onion and feta salad (supposed to be an entree but I asked for it to be a main) and boy was it tasty (when the waitress brought it out, she also had the rack of lamb Wifey was having - and was surprised when I said the lamb was for Wifey and the salad for me - men clearly don't eat salads in Sydney); starters - a couple of slices of bagette.  No alcohol - just water.  Didn't feel hungry afterwards and there wasn't even any food envy (food envy is not a good thing for me usually - it makes me hungrier).  I'm happy with myself.

Lunch was left over risotto (per the menu plan).  We did cheat and put a wee bit more rice in as I'm not a fan of mushrooms and picked out all the big chunks (I can handle the flavour, and finely chopped up pieces - but the texture is gross).  Even had compliments from people at work when I was heating it up :)

Have a day off work - second consecutive long weekend (making this week a 3-day one).  Gotta love it!  We're off galavanting so the weekend's blog entries will be up on Monday.  I hope to include more about exercise as I'm feeling I'm not doing enough.

Before I forget (I forget lots, just by the way, usually because I sidetrack myself...or just don't pay any attention to what I was saying (or thinking...or doing)), I put my newest fav pair of jeans on to go out for dinner and they're not quite as comfy...they seem to be getting a bit looser.  This is a good thing, but also not so good as I only bought them a short time ago.  *sigh*

Today's entry has been brought to you by the emoticon (lotsa usage, huh?).

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