Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12WBT +24

I'm here.  I'm with it.  Okay, so the best way of summing it up for me is "lights on; no one home".  I wonder if it's due to a lack of exercise (perhaps my body is trying to say that it's enjoying being a bit more active?) - or is it due to a lack of food?  Nah, can't be a lack of food.  Surely my fat puku would be talking to me and saying it was hungry?  Who knows?  It could just be the way I feel right now.

Enjoyed the brekkie of crumpets and jam (though felt so guilty putting jam on them - who am I?  What's happened to the real EP???).  Wasn't scheduled - a swap around due to not being on the ball the day before.  The pumpkin soup was good - albeit with a big kick.  Methinks someone  didn't need the extra curry paste he put into it while cooking.  I do feel more like salads than soups this week though.  Just sayin'.

While on the topic of food, I've received three emails in the last couple of days talking about going out for lunch at work.  The first is the Christmas luncheon.  We were sent the menu and I was good.  I asked for the vegetarian option (which wasn't listed, I must add).  The second was because one of the people in the office is leaving - haven't looked too closely at that as yet.  The third is a lunch just 'cos - well, over half the office is over in Perth this week and those left behind are being shouted a lunch (nice CEO, huh?).  Am thinking of choosing the salad (and not the meals with chips - as I once would've done).  We'll see what comes of it all.  

Hadn't thought about doing this program during the silly season.  Man, kudos to those of you who'll have lots of Christmas functions to get around.  Hope you all 'stay on the wagon' :)

Crud.  Just remembered that I haven't done my measurement thingees.  Off to do them now...

Back.  W00t!  Have lost cms around chest, waist, "widest", legs.  Am happy.  Would've done my famous (in my head) happy dance...but my legs are still a wee bit jelly-like from the wall sit (stupid bloody thing ;) ).  I improved on everything except the ab things.  Still only a level 1 :(  Time will tell.  Still have another couple of measurements to do before the end of the program.

I paid attention to the login page today and saw that Mish has the pre-Round 1 2011 registration up.  Will I sign up again?  Hell yeah!  Done now.  So looking forward to late January and the next round :D  Sad?  Yeah, just a little bit ;)

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