Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12WBT +17

Ho hum.  I'm bored with this particular day.

Day back from a long weekend.  No one likes these days.  They're kinda pointless.  Nothing gets achieved.  Though I was told that I'm going to have to move from one end of the office to the other at some point in the near future.  Then I was told I have to move everything myself.  Free workout at work.  Score.  The reality is that I'm pissy.  I only just got settled into where I am.  The other end of the office is pants.  It's the "dead" end.  Very quiet.  Conducive to work, I guess.

Lunch, again, was scrummy.  I'd never thought I'd be such a salad convert, but bring 'em on!  I don't know which one is my favourite now - they've all been so good.  And filling.  Filling is good.  I am slipping off the wagon a wee bit though.  PT keeps saying we should eat something every three hours.  The first week and a half I was good, but now, I don't feel like my morning and afternoon tea snacks (which are usually just a couple of teaspoons of mixed seeds).  Must start getting back to them though.

Was really excited when I got home.  BoB was here.  I <3 BoB so far.  We've been tied to Optus for the last two years and have had absolute CRAP service.  Most days we have to re-boot the modem several times a day.  The Internet is not really that much faster than dial-up.  We only have 60GB.  Now, with iiNet, we have 400GB (well, realistically only 200GB as we're not home to use the off-peak quota (or if we are, we're sleeping)) and paying less than scummy Optus.  Anyhow, new gadget.  EP LOVES his gadgets.  Lots.  Huzzah!

After getting the new Internet sorted, I did my workout.  Kinda.  It was the toning DVD.  I don't know about these.  Firstly, it's a scarily happy American.  Secondly, I get the feeling these are designed for women.  Thirdly, bloody hell - how flexible can a person be!?  Fourthly, there isn't a fourthly.  I just wanted to say fourthly - for no apparent reason.

Following the exercise was a spurt of energy setting up our study as a spare bedroom for Wifey's parents who are coming down for a couple of days.  Then came dinner.  We substituted the fish for pork (okay, perhaps not the bestest substitute but man cannot live on chicken alone).  This was nice but I felt like more...something for dessert.  Blueberries and yoghurt.  Yummy!

I'm worried.  The weekly argument with the scales is looming.  Wifey thinks I will have lost weight.  Just.  Her guess is a drop of 200g.  Me, on the other hand, does not hold out much hope.  My guess is a gain of 600-800g.  I have no real reason for feeling this.  It just seems like it's what the scales are going to say.  That and I have no real idea about my body - I only know how to read it when the ol' BP is too high.  P'haps I should sit down with the scales beforehand and have a good, stern word to them.  Mind you, didn't work last time ;)  Only time will tell.


  1. Stern talkings with the scales are a good thing - though I have found starting to butter them up from about Sunday onwards tends to get a better result. Could be because I leave the butter on the scales :)

    Have fun moving to the other end of the office!

  2. Haha - buttering them up...using butter. That's bound to work. Though knowing my luck, they'll leave a wee bit on them for me to slip up on (which will no doubt happen next week when I gain weight).

    The move is happening next week. Joy of joys.