Saturday, October 16, 2010

12WBT +27

What was supposed to be a cruisy day in the office due to moving around ended up being an almost bone idle day in the office due to the moving around not eventuating and me not wanting to do anything (Fridayitis).  The only good thing about it was work shouted us out to lunch.  Kinda missed having the rice paper rolls, but really enjoyed the Roman Salad.

One of the girls in the office is an avid baker and bought in a HUGE chocolate devil cake.  Looked bloody good.  But you know what?  I restrained myself.  Didn't have a single crumb of it.  Not only that, one of the other girls commented on how good and dedicated I am not to be tempted by any of the cakes that have been bought in.  Kudos to me - haha.

We didn't really have time to cook the scheduled dinner, so it was duly adapted by Wifey into a very tasty eggplant, zucchini, capsicum sauce (tomato paste & ricotta base) and spaghetti.  Following this, we were off to the theatre to see a British play, Panic.  Was a nice change.  Has been a while since we went to see something.  Have another one booked for next Friday, too.

Fell off the wagon a wee bit on the way home, though.  We grabbed a gelato on the way to the station.  Oops ;)

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