Thursday, October 14, 2010

12WBT +25

Got up.  Weighed in.  Not the 2kg increase I was expecting - only 800g.  Not a lot but nevertheless, not a happy camper.  Mind you, I wasn't overly full of the exercise bug over the weekend...and we ate out a lot.  All makes sense, huh?

Enjoyed the lunch.  Haven't had rice paper rolls before.  Was amazed at how filling they were.  Had to have two sittings to fit them in!  I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the future.  Also, dinner was rather good too.  When I saw the serving sizes I was a little bit, 'I'm gonna be starving after this', but I wasn't.  Wifey and I watched Mish's live video while we ate.  Seems to be our weekly 'thing' - if we're not watching it while we eat, we've got the lappie out on the kitchen block while we're cooking dinner.

Well, after the weekend away, I'm back into the swing of exercise.  Out came the DVDs (still not ready to face the gym yet, but not overly concerned about that at this stage).  55 minutes, bucket loads of sweat and 735cals later, I was done.  Knackered, but feeling good (especially after the shower).

Had a look at a few of the blogs going on out there and had a chuckle about the side-effects of the program - having to get new clothes.  Didn't think about that personally, but I was wearing a pair of boardies when I went down to take out the trash and recycling.  Had my hands full and was therefore slow to react to what was to come next.  Bloody shorts started to fall.  Being mid-way down the stairs did not help at all.  Managed to catch them when they were at my knees.  Slightly embarrassed over that.  But wait, there's more.  They slipped down again as I was lifting the lids of the bins to chuck in the trash.  Shame!  If this is what's happening after one month, does that mean after three months I'm going to have to buy more new jeans? (I only bought new ones a few weeks ago.)

I like the feeling of clothes fitting a bit better but at the moment, despite the evidence pointing towards it, I still don't feel like I've lost weight.  Mind over matter and my mind ain't getting over it yet.  Hopefully it'll happen soon enough.  Wifey said tonight that my jelly belly is shrinking a wee bit, so yay to that (I should add that she never said it quite as I've recorded it) :)

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