Friday, October 15, 2010

12WBT +26

I am so over it!  Not the 12WBT - I'm kind of enjoying that too much.  I'm over the tiredness I'm feeling since the weekend.  For some reason, I've not felt as though I've had a chance to catch my breath.  I can almost feel my "Mr Grumpy" coming on (this is when I'll be all happy and silly then BOOM!  Mr Grumpy).  Happens when I'm tired.  Am doing my utmost not to have it happen as Wifey is fair knackered with work - the last thing she needs is to have to face Mr Grumpy at home.

I thought it was definitely going to be a Mr Grumpy day when I got up.  That, in itself, was a struggle.  Then, after I was all showered and dressed for work I go to get the lunch out of the fridge (the pumpkin soup from the other day) and for some reason thought I could miraculously pick up one of the containers without actually holding on to it.  It landed on the floor.  And the walls.  And the door.  And the washer.  And me!  Grr.  Thinking that was going to be it for the day, I was foul on the train to work.  Things calmed though and I had one of the most productive days at work since I started.  It was really good.

Following on from the good day at work, I am super pleased to say that I've had a first today.  Over 1000 calories (just) in one session!  Go the Calorie Killer DVD!  Go me!
Look, Ma!  Just over 1000 calories killed :)
So never, ever thought that I could do it.  Granted, it was in just over an hour, but STOKED!  On top of the 730ish last night, I think this week is going to be good - especially with the mini-challenge on Saturday (which I still don't know what to do...maybe a hike (with backpack) or maybe kayaking...dilemmas!).

After watching the live video with Mish last night and reading some of the comments and questions that were sent in, I'm starting to worry a wee bit.  Mish suggested 1800cals/day intake for us lads.  I'm currently doing the 1200cals/day that the ladies are having (by proxy of not being arsed to add extra).  Mish said that's fine (in response to my live question in week 1) but if I needed more, just to have it.  My problem is that I'm starting to find that the 1200cals/day is becoming too much.  I'm not having snacks as I feel full - I know that the body needs the fuel, but I'm not hungry.  Not even peckish.  I guess, if I keep up say 700cals/day in exercise and only eat say 1000cals/day, I should lose the weight quicker, eh?  Guess it's not really an issue - more that people were saying they're feeling hungrier etc.

When I saw the meal on the plate (steak & corn salsa) I cringed.  That couldn't be enough to feed me.  It was more like a couple of mouthfuls.  Not quite true, but what's a little exaggeration between friends? ;)  Seriously though, I didn't think it would be enough.  I couldn't believe that by the end of it, I thought I was struggling to finish.  I did finish but like I said, not hungry afterwards.  This is a little too weird for me.  My fatty-boom-boom wants the food while my brain and body are saying, 'kiss off'.


  1. Congrats on entering the 1000 cal club, I hit it last round and was so excited as it is a real achievement and especially in 70 mins that is great! I am with you on the not hungry thing I am eating my three meals and not snacking as i really can't fit it in. find it weird that some people are saying they are starving!

  2. Oops - sorry I missed your comment!

    Thanks. I was quite chuffed with myself. Now I find I want to get to that all the time, when it's really not always achievable. Time will tell.

    Phew. I honestly thought I was doing something wrong when I'd been reading that people were hungry. It's good to know it's not just me feeling full (and for me, it's feeling full on only a fraction of my old portion sizes).

    Good luck with your efforts :)