Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12WBT +15

What a lazy day!  Cruddy weather never really gives one the incentive to rush out and do anything.  A perfect day for lazing in bed watching DVDs.  EXCEPT...someone had a rest day on Friday and had to make up for it today.  A walk was on the cards - but it was pissing down too much.  Quickly scratched that thought (though I did walk home from St Leonards - but that was only 'cos I was too impatient to wait for the next train that didn't miss our station.  Luckily it never rained (well, not more than a wee spit) until I got in the door).  Will do a DVD...later...  Gotta love procrastination, huh?

As hinted above, I did leave the house earlier to go up to Chatswood.  Wanted to pick up a new DVD and another battery for the camera (the old SLR, not the DSLRs).  Was only a quick excursion, but got me up and about after brekkie.  Speaking of brekkie, I don't think I'd recommend the banana bread to anyone for brekkie.  It felt like...empty calories.  It wasn't worth the calories!  Didn't feel like I was getting my fill (I still felt quite peckish afterwards - but didn't have anything).  Yesterday's brekkie - the fruit & yoghurt was SO much better (especially as we added flaxseed, cinnamon and a teaspoon of rolled oats (low GI) to it) - seemed to go much further than the banana bread for a similar amount of calories (if not a wee bit more - can't remember the numbers).

Dinner had to be modified as neither Wifey or I eat any kind of seafood.  We opted for lamb meatballs (only 5 small ones each, well drained of excess fat/oil), with a couple of tablespoons of brown rice and mixed bean salad.  Was very tasty.  Must confess, I was naughty and suggested some ice cream and fruit (with a wee bit of cinnamon) for dessert.  Maggie Beer's Vanilla & Elderflower ice cream is well tasty - and you don't need very much of it.  Shh, don't tell Mish ;)

Exercise.  Yeah.  I did get rid of another 740-odd calories by doing the Biggest Loser Calorie Killer DVD.  Now if Mish or Shannon felt like someone was talking about them around the time I was exercising - it was most prolly me!  I was fair cursing and swearing at them.  I did NOT want to be exercising but knew I had to.  Frustration being taken out on poor Mish & Shannon (not that they seemed to be objecting to the abuse I was hurling at them)...again.  Wifey was not allowed in the lounge - if she came in, I packed a howly-bag and just stopped.  I guess it was a 'fat' moment; I felt too self-conscious.

I am starting to get used to being more physical, in terms of exercising, which is good.  I think I can almost see how people get hooked on it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near being like that...not by a long shot!  I am very much hoping I have the discipline to do two sessions a day (whether 2 x DVDs or 1 x DVD and a walk with Wifey).  Hopefully that will start putting me into calorie deficit and the weight will drop off - especially since I seem to be burning around 700 calories an hour - that would be about 1400 calories/day...I'm surviving on the 1200 calorie diet (though this week was a bit tough - but I think it was more to do with the drop in temperature (I've always felt hungrier when it's colder...odd, huh?)).

Hooray!  Just realised, week 2 is now over.  Bring on the next 10!  Two more weeks until the next fitness test...and mini-challenge (which I really must organise - perhaps a hike up in the Blue Mountains...with a heavy backpack?).  

Am a happy camper - and seriously thinking about doing the 12WBT again next year - I hope it's offered!

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