Monday, December 13, 2010

12WBT +85

Well.  The last day of the 12 weeks.  Reality is hitting fast & hard!

Ugh.  Had to whip up our own menu for the week AND shopping list.  I've forgotten how time consuming that is - lol.  Luckily, we have 12 weeks of menus and recipes to go through (to find meals for only five days, so not so bad).

After 85 days of the program and 28 days of pre-season, it's definitely all over red rover.  I am hopeful that I can take what I've gleaned from the last few months and survive the next couple (before Round 1, 2011 kicks off).  I'm adamant that I'm going to do good and start the same, if not lower, than I am now at the end of this round.  Fingers crossed.

Made the ultimate decision to go for a 5km run every second morning once we get back from Africa.  Am actually looking forward to this - not so much the dragging myself out of bed at 5am, but the running.  It'll be good prep for the fun runs being lined up for the year :)

On that note, I shall sign off from this blog.  To those of you who have read it, thanks - hope you don't feel you've lost too much of your lives :)  I'll be back in 2011 with the next instalment: so feel free to pop on by and say g'day.

Good luck with your own journeys :)

Phil (aka evilp, EP)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12WBT +84

Waking up at 5.50am was not easy today.  Going to see PT at 6.30am was also not easy.  PT was late so I had to do the warm up all on my lonesome (poor Wifey has my cold and was staying in bed, poor thing).  When PT arrived we were straight into things...  An hour later and another 1000+ calories down and I was walking back home.  

Pottered around and then walked up to Crows Nest for a brekkie and drug run.  I figured I deserved a croissant for brekkie...and Wifey needed more drugs - lol.

Went into town to do the 12WBT end of season workout in the Domain.  What a fantastic day weather wise.  Sydney turned on the sunshine...forgetting that us lilly-white people turn a very red shade of pink very quickly - even with sunscreen.  I had a bit of colour on my face & arms (not legs though - they only seem to burn when I fall asleep in the hammock).  I have to say, I was pleased to see a few others with the signs of the sun on them at the party ;)

The workout was great.  I think I even did better again on my 1km run - wahoo!  (Not 100% sure as the time I was given was for the group that started before mine.)  The three different stations down on the domain were good, too.  Although, I feel that I was a bit of a cheat being in the beginners group (waaaaaaaaaay too easy, even for me).  Out of the three stations, I loved the "boot camp" one the best, even if it didn't help my blistered feet (but that wasn't their fault, I was the one wearing wet sneakers - due to the early am PT session).  Will I ever learn?  haha

Went into the Martin Place Bar for the end of season party.  Was a good night.  Rather than just celebrating those who had great numbers, it was a lot more inclusive.  I even got up on the stage (because of this blog).  Got a DVD out of the evening as well (shame it's an XBox game - if it was Wii, we could've used it.  Ahh well, re-gifting perhaps.

Wifey and I were a bit too knackered to head on to the Ivy Bar afterwards, which was a shame.  But, boy, did I enjoy climbing into bed looking forward to what could be my second night's solid sleep in over a week...fingers crossed.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12WBT +83

Someone's starting to get excited...  This is a very exciting seven days for a certain EP.  Why?  Well, we only have a week before we fly out to Africa for a month of - God, I don't know if I'm really prepared for slumming it in tents for a month, but the activities make up for it :)

So, tomorrow we have our last Saturday PT session for the year.  PT suggested either 6.30am in the park or 7.30am in the gym.  I wanted an extra bit of a lie in but it was forsaking that or going to the gym.  Guess which I chose.  Still can't get over that barrier - that's what next Friday is for...

Then, after that session, I get to chillax for a bit before heading into town to do the 12WBT session in the Domain.  Scary, but bring it on!  After that, a bit more chillaxing, then the beautification process for the big party - yeah, baby.

Sunday is our last day of nothing before we we're packing it with the domestics, getting stuff ready for packing, and my sister and her kids are coming over.  Not much chillaxing then :(

We have our work Christmas party this week, too.  Not to mention all the work I have to get done before I head away.  Joy of joys...

Anyhow, today.  A quiet day.  Productive at work.  Brekkie (because someone forgot to do it last night) was just some yoghurt.  Lunch was the left over Chinese dumplings from last night. They're good.  They're really good.  Dinner was the pizza (swapping Friday and Sunday around - gotta mix it all up, eh?).

Friday, December 10, 2010

12WBT +82

After a bit of a rough start to the day (had a wicked good coughing fit that almost ended with me bringing my lungs up), it ended up being an OK day.  Didn't really do much in terms of work - cleared the decks a bit, but not really getting ahead.

I am feeling a bit guilty for not having done much exercise of late - rest assured, I'm not slipping into habits of old.  Being sick and running out of time before we head away is now taking over my life.  When we get back I'll be back into the exercise routine :)  Looking forward to it, too.

Brekkie: cereal, strawberries & yoghurt.
Lunch: adapted Thai beef salad (another favourite lunch).

Why is it at this time of year, domestic chores seem to chew through any spare time one may have?  There never seems to be enough time.  Tonight's time chewer was prepping the chinese dumplings for dinner.  Granted, this isn't a bad thing as I highly approved of them.  I did a bloody good job, even if I do say so myself - haha.

Between prepping and cooking, I did go for a stroll up to the gym...only to meet Wifey though.  I said to PT (can't remember if I put this in Saturday's entry or not, so excuse any repetition) that as we can't do next Saturday's session, I would be prepared to go to the gym for a session next Friday (since neither Wifey or I have work that day...we fly out that evening).  That is my compromise - I said, when I was 96kgs, that I would go when I was 85kgs.  I'm just over 90 now so I think it's only fair, huh?  Also, it'll be a chance for me to see whether or not the gym is for me...  Scary!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12WBT +81

Back to work today.  Felt kinda odd going in but once I was there, looking at the mountain sprouting from my in-tray and reeling from the overflowing inbox, I felt halfway normal again - haha.

It was a good day.  The weigh in produced another loss.  All up so far, 14.4kgs.  My goal was 8!!!  Yeah, baby!  13.7% body weight loss.  Life is good and I only have the 12WBT to thank (oh, and Wifey :) ).

I ended up having the couscous and apple (meant to have on Sunday morning) for brekkie.  It was the world's largest serving of it...ever.  I started at 7.30, when I got into the office, and finished at 11.30 - in time for lunch.  Okay, so it wasn't a large serving (you already guessed that though, huh?), it was just a very interrupted morning.

We were meant to have our team lunch but, after me being off for two days, our manager decided he wanted to be sick too - slacker.  Ended up not having the team lunch (postponed until next week) and only munched on a packet of roasted chickpeas.  Y'know what?  I wasn't even hungry!  Lasted until dinner.  Dinner was the beef in creamy mushroom sauce.  We added a corn cob to it, too.  This is a top notch dish.  We both enjoy it.

After work, met up with Wifey to buy some new clothes for me.  Wow!  I now fit into size 36 trousers (much better than the 38/40 I was in) and large t-shirts & shirts (XL was getting a bit snug even).  Life is good.  Not buying too much though as I still want to lose more weight.

Even though I though I was on the mend, I fear I'm still not quite 100%.  Have to improve by the weekend.  Am so not missing the group workout or the party.  Ironically, I missed the group workout at the start of the program (was it the end of Round 2's one?) because I was crook then too.  Hmm.  I'm a poorly chappy ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12WBT +80

After opting to sleep in the spare room (to save Wifey another sleepless night), I woke this morning feeling a bit better, but not enough so that I felt I should go to work.  In fact, I felt that I should go and see a doctor (which for me is the absolute of last resorts).  Yay!  I have sinusitis.  I bet you're jealous of that.  Have a couple of boxes of antibiotics to take for the next few weeks (including when we're over in Africa, bugger it all).  On the plus side, I do feel better.

Being sick is helping me lose weight, too.  Had a quick sneak on the scales and was bloody surprised - won't say what it was, but needless to say, if it's even 500g more than what it was, I'm going to be the happiest camper around for a while to come :)

I'm pleased, also, to report the safe return of my appetite.  Around 3pm I decided I was peckish.  Luckily I had prepared lunches for Wifey and I last night (chicken & grape salad - yum).  Was very contented with that.  Bring on dinner, I say - lol.  Dinner was nice - we adapted it to beef (for those of us who are a tad fussy).

Ironically, it was around the time my appetite came back that my head stopped aching as much...and my general demeanour changed.  I did the ironing (worst chore in the world, ever), threw a couple of loads of laundry on, and did some weeding of the garden (if you saw the size of our garden you'd laugh at me even saying that - haha).  The downside is that Wifey sent me a text saying she's got a sore throat.  It was bound to happen (her being a teacher and it being the end of the school year and all), but I can't help but feel just a little bit guilty (just a little, mind).

Did the 1km time trial and came in 3 seconds better than the last time.  Either it's still the effects of the cold, or maybe I've just peaked for the time being?  Dunno, but overall it's over 1 minute better than the first one.  Who'd have ever have thunked it?

12WBT +79

Ugh.  When I woke up this morning it was decided that I would not be going to work.  I had a terrible night's sleep, which is most unusual for me.  I was tossing and turning, coughing, hot and cold.  I guess I had a fever that decided to break.  I would wake up for a few minutes and then fall asleep again.  Around 10.30am I couldn't stay in bed any longer (though perhaps I should've).  I got up and had a shower - this usually makes me feel more alive.  Not today though.

Pretty much spent the day sleeping off and on until mid-arvo.  What a waste of being at home on a sunny day :(

What is annoying me about this is I need to do the fitness test for the program by Wednesday.  If'n I'm not healthy by then, my results are going to be shite and I don't really want that.  

So.  Had a crack at the fitness test (except the run - save that for tomorrow when I'm back to normal).  I did better at everything - except the sit ups, which I equalled (can't get to #4 to save myself!).  Press ups were only marginally better, but given I cheated and put my knee down for a couple of seconds to let the throbbing in the head pass, I's a happy camper.  Here's hoping I can knock off at least 20 seconds from the 1km run.  I might be kidding myself here, but we'll see.

Had no appetite and only picked at dinner (read: couple of slices of zucchini and a couple of cherry tomatoes).  I did, however manage the trifle we had for dessert.  I think because my teeth are sore, chewing or hot food is not appealing.  Trifle did the trick :)  Aside from that, all I had was a slice of cold lamb.  This is so not me :(