Thursday, December 9, 2010

12WBT +81

Back to work today.  Felt kinda odd going in but once I was there, looking at the mountain sprouting from my in-tray and reeling from the overflowing inbox, I felt halfway normal again - haha.

It was a good day.  The weigh in produced another loss.  All up so far, 14.4kgs.  My goal was 8!!!  Yeah, baby!  13.7% body weight loss.  Life is good and I only have the 12WBT to thank (oh, and Wifey :) ).

I ended up having the couscous and apple (meant to have on Sunday morning) for brekkie.  It was the world's largest serving of it...ever.  I started at 7.30, when I got into the office, and finished at 11.30 - in time for lunch.  Okay, so it wasn't a large serving (you already guessed that though, huh?), it was just a very interrupted morning.

We were meant to have our team lunch but, after me being off for two days, our manager decided he wanted to be sick too - slacker.  Ended up not having the team lunch (postponed until next week) and only munched on a packet of roasted chickpeas.  Y'know what?  I wasn't even hungry!  Lasted until dinner.  Dinner was the beef in creamy mushroom sauce.  We added a corn cob to it, too.  This is a top notch dish.  We both enjoy it.

After work, met up with Wifey to buy some new clothes for me.  Wow!  I now fit into size 36 trousers (much better than the 38/40 I was in) and large t-shirts & shirts (XL was getting a bit snug even).  Life is good.  Not buying too much though as I still want to lose more weight.

Even though I though I was on the mend, I fear I'm still not quite 100%.  Have to improve by the weekend.  Am so not missing the group workout or the party.  Ironically, I missed the group workout at the start of the program (was it the end of Round 2's one?) because I was crook then too.  Hmm.  I'm a poorly chappy ;)

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