Friday, December 3, 2010

12WBT +75

They say breaking up is hard to do.  Pfft.  Whatever!  Waking up was much more difficult today.  My eyes were very heavy and my body.  Let's just say I felt like a train had ploughed into me.  I woke up with death sitting on my chest - or what sure felt like it.  The thought of getting up and going to work just didn't appeal.  Y'know what though?  I did it anyway (if'n I'm going to get sick, others can share the joys too).

Brekkie, due to some reason I can't recall from last night, comprised of a slice of banana bread.  This was followed by a bread roll (lettuce, swiss cheese and tomato) for lunch.  Luckily it was a day where I felt anything but hungry.  Dinner was not very much (as I was home alone...again...and simply couldn't be arsed - and regretted it later).  

Following a stop at the optometrists (contacts again, baby!) and a quick detour for a Chrissy pressy, I got home around 6.30pm.  Having decided I wasn't up for dinner I thought I'd get brekkie ready for tomorrow.  Bugger.  Guess who remembered tomorrow's lunch was leftovers...but didn't think that to have leftovers meant cooking in the first place.  D'oh!

Prepped tomorrow's brekkie and lunch then, as sad as it sounds, was in bed - dead to the world - before 8.30pm.  The Cold & Flu drugs helped I think :)

Ugh - another day with no exercise.  I must get back in the habit - there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment though.  Hanging out for the hols...

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