Friday, December 10, 2010

12WBT +82

After a bit of a rough start to the day (had a wicked good coughing fit that almost ended with me bringing my lungs up), it ended up being an OK day.  Didn't really do much in terms of work - cleared the decks a bit, but not really getting ahead.

I am feeling a bit guilty for not having done much exercise of late - rest assured, I'm not slipping into habits of old.  Being sick and running out of time before we head away is now taking over my life.  When we get back I'll be back into the exercise routine :)  Looking forward to it, too.

Brekkie: cereal, strawberries & yoghurt.
Lunch: adapted Thai beef salad (another favourite lunch).

Why is it at this time of year, domestic chores seem to chew through any spare time one may have?  There never seems to be enough time.  Tonight's time chewer was prepping the chinese dumplings for dinner.  Granted, this isn't a bad thing as I highly approved of them.  I did a bloody good job, even if I do say so myself - haha.

Between prepping and cooking, I did go for a stroll up to the gym...only to meet Wifey though.  I said to PT (can't remember if I put this in Saturday's entry or not, so excuse any repetition) that as we can't do next Saturday's session, I would be prepared to go to the gym for a session next Friday (since neither Wifey or I have work that day...we fly out that evening).  That is my compromise - I said, when I was 96kgs, that I would go when I was 85kgs.  I'm just over 90 now so I think it's only fair, huh?  Also, it'll be a chance for me to see whether or not the gym is for me...  Scary!

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