Thursday, December 2, 2010

12WBT +74

White rabbits.

Pinch and a punch.

Santa's on his way, y'hear!

WOW!  Today is officially the first of December!  (Don't ask why I added officially - I think I was going to say "officially the start of the Christmas season" and then changed my mind.  I don't know what I do, let alone why I do it.)  Can you believe it?  Jolly ol' St Nick will be jetting his way around the world in 24 more sleeps.  I'm not complaining now - we have St Nick come on 25/12 and Ded Moroz (Дед Мороз) on 7/1.  Ahh, the joys of marrying into a multicultural (or should that be multi denominational?) family.

Today also signals 10 more days until the end of program workout and party.  That should be a blast.  I'm going to be fair knackered though - we'll still have our workout with PT in the morning, then I'll go to this one.  My poor body won't know what's hit it...

Speaking of not knowing what's hit - my relationship with our bathroom scales is well on the up. I jumped on today and they didn't groan and tell me to go easy.  Instead they told me I've miraculously lost another 1.1kgs.  I'm now at 93.1kgs.  Still fat, but much better than the 105.2kgs I started on.  Fingers crossed for a drop of 3.2kgs over the next two weeks (I'm counting the Weds after the program officially ends as we're off on hols just after).

Before I get into the mundane daily drivel, I do have to express my utter amazement at losing weight this week.  Since the last weigh-in, I've done one session with the DVD (still love it though) and the PT session.  Nothing else.  I've also eaten a huge plate of take-out Chinese and survived a weekend of Wifey's mum's scrummy meals.  All this and I've still lost weight!?  I'm not letting it go to my head - I know that if I keep up like that then I'm going to put it all back on, but I'm still surprised.  I feel that it's a sign that Wifey and I are on the right track in terms of our eating habits (as since about week 7, we started modifying the meals more and more).  Our portion size has reduced, which was one main thing we knew we had to work on.  *smiling away*

Brekkie today was back to the cereal and fruit.  This is such good people.  Am happy inside with brekkie in me (start getting grumpy if I don't get it - lol).

Lunch was a wrap - lettuce leaves, boiled egg, parmesan, onion, sprouts and a wee bit of dijon mustard.  Mmm.  Very good.  Only thing I forgot about was the cracked pepper.  Oh well, if that's all, I'm doing well ;)

Dinner - well, that ended up being a bit of a fizzer.  Wifey had a school function on and I reverted back to my old bad habits of not being arsed.  As it transpired, she was peckish when she got home so made a toasted sandwich.  While she was doing that, I was doing arts & crafts in the lounge (making Christmas decorations for her office - how do I get into these things?!? ;-) ).

Noticed that my throat was a wee bit sore - guess I've been doing a lot of talking at work the last few days.  Surely that has to take its toll - haha.

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