Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12WBT +73

Y'know when I'm getting excited about something - I get in and book things early.  Having had made our minds up to do the Sun Run (Dee Why to Manly) in February, I snuck online at lunchtime and registered.  Now here's hoping it works in the next round of the 12WBT (as the others have for the mini-challenges etc) :)  It's only a 7km course, but a good way to start the year (would've loved to have done the Resolution Run in January to really get it started, but 'twas not to be).

Today was accelerator day again.  Had a boiled egg for brekkie - as with last week, don't have the time or inclination to make an omelette mid-week.  Lunch was a bit more filling - chicken salad (the one that we were supposed to have yesterday but I swapped and modified it for Mr Fussy here).

Again, another day where I felt I was chasing my tail (figuratively, I don't actually have a tail).  I had all these blog entries to fix up from the last few days.  I am a shocker at times - nearly a week behind on the blogs.  I had the bullet points to work from and my memory to use...  Never rely on your memory.  As you get older, it starts getting worse - lol.  Took a lot longer than I thought to do ('cos of the memory) but got them done.  Marathon effort.

Watched Mish's video (this week's one).  Well, kinda watched part of it - the rest I relied on osmosis (shh, I had an early evening grandpa nap, complete with notebook on chest).  Am looking forward to the live one this week.  Still smarting about missing the last one :(

Helped Wifey cook dinner.  We had pork and steamed veggies.  We even treated ourselves to a small dessert (just some yoghurt - Black Swan have two new (?) flavours - vanilla bean and blueberry.  YUM - in moderation).  

Reflecting on this last week: can't tell if I've put weight on or lost it.  Part of me feels a loss, part of me feels a gain, and another part (which seems to have come into the race out of nowhere) is telling me I've neither gained or lost.  Que sera sera, I guess.  The scales of truth will reveal all tomorrow.

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