Sunday, December 12, 2010

12WBT +84

Waking up at 5.50am was not easy today.  Going to see PT at 6.30am was also not easy.  PT was late so I had to do the warm up all on my lonesome (poor Wifey has my cold and was staying in bed, poor thing).  When PT arrived we were straight into things...  An hour later and another 1000+ calories down and I was walking back home.  

Pottered around and then walked up to Crows Nest for a brekkie and drug run.  I figured I deserved a croissant for brekkie...and Wifey needed more drugs - lol.

Went into town to do the 12WBT end of season workout in the Domain.  What a fantastic day weather wise.  Sydney turned on the sunshine...forgetting that us lilly-white people turn a very red shade of pink very quickly - even with sunscreen.  I had a bit of colour on my face & arms (not legs though - they only seem to burn when I fall asleep in the hammock).  I have to say, I was pleased to see a few others with the signs of the sun on them at the party ;)

The workout was great.  I think I even did better again on my 1km run - wahoo!  (Not 100% sure as the time I was given was for the group that started before mine.)  The three different stations down on the domain were good, too.  Although, I feel that I was a bit of a cheat being in the beginners group (waaaaaaaaaay too easy, even for me).  Out of the three stations, I loved the "boot camp" one the best, even if it didn't help my blistered feet (but that wasn't their fault, I was the one wearing wet sneakers - due to the early am PT session).  Will I ever learn?  haha

Went into the Martin Place Bar for the end of season party.  Was a good night.  Rather than just celebrating those who had great numbers, it was a lot more inclusive.  I even got up on the stage (because of this blog).  Got a DVD out of the evening as well (shame it's an XBox game - if it was Wii, we could've used it.  Ahh well, re-gifting perhaps.

Wifey and I were a bit too knackered to head on to the Ivy Bar afterwards, which was a shame.  But, boy, did I enjoy climbing into bed looking forward to what could be my second night's solid sleep in over a week...fingers crossed.

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