Saturday, December 11, 2010

12WBT +83

Someone's starting to get excited...  This is a very exciting seven days for a certain EP.  Why?  Well, we only have a week before we fly out to Africa for a month of - God, I don't know if I'm really prepared for slumming it in tents for a month, but the activities make up for it :)

So, tomorrow we have our last Saturday PT session for the year.  PT suggested either 6.30am in the park or 7.30am in the gym.  I wanted an extra bit of a lie in but it was forsaking that or going to the gym.  Guess which I chose.  Still can't get over that barrier - that's what next Friday is for...

Then, after that session, I get to chillax for a bit before heading into town to do the 12WBT session in the Domain.  Scary, but bring it on!  After that, a bit more chillaxing, then the beautification process for the big party - yeah, baby.

Sunday is our last day of nothing before we we're packing it with the domestics, getting stuff ready for packing, and my sister and her kids are coming over.  Not much chillaxing then :(

We have our work Christmas party this week, too.  Not to mention all the work I have to get done before I head away.  Joy of joys...

Anyhow, today.  A quiet day.  Productive at work.  Brekkie (because someone forgot to do it last night) was just some yoghurt.  Lunch was the left over Chinese dumplings from last night. They're good.  They're really good.  Dinner was the pizza (swapping Friday and Sunday around - gotta mix it all up, eh?).

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