Saturday, December 4, 2010

12WBT +76

One more week of the 12WBT.  I'm not surprised I've seen the program to the end.  I am, however, surprised that I've got an entry for each and every single day of it!  Holy crap!  I'm impressed with myself.  Granted, I haven't quite posted on time each day - but there is an accurate account of my journey.  They say that a journey starts with one step - I've got 100+ steps so far.  If things start going backwards, I'm going to have to return to this blog.  I've decided that this blog will end on the Monday after week 12 (so Monday week, I guess).  That will cover the very last day.  Am so keen for the first round of 2011 that I've even got the blog set up for that.  Gee, that would be eight months of my ramblings on the interwebby thing ;)

Today was an odd day.  Food wise, just the normal day at the office (cereal, berries & yoghurt for breakfast; wrap with swiss cheese, cottage cheese, tomato and lettuce; a packet of roasted chickpeas for a snack (thanks SO much, Mish, for pointing these out :) ); and dinner comprised of lamb cutlets and veggies - a la Wifey).  Work, however, was nuts.  Not nuts in a bad way - just that everyone was so...crazy.  I had my excuse.  I still felt a bit under the weather and was still taking my Cold & Flu tablets.  Not sure about everyone else.

Oh, that reminds me.  One of the directors commented on my weight loss and I filled her in on the 12WBT - might have another convert on our hands.  She asked me to send her the link and I sent her a whole screed of info - including my thoughts on the program.  Do we get commission - lol.

Wifey went off to the gym and, once again, I wandered up to meet her.  How sad is this?  We spent our Friday night cleaning as we're hosting friends for an early Christmas dinner (and a bit of a games night) tomorrow (red flag #1 for the weekend) - we still have our joint PT session in the morning, which I'm not looking forward to quite as much, especially if my head still feels a bit 'bleugh'.  On Sunday, one of Wifey's friends is turning 40 so we're off over to Coogee for that (red flag #2).  Should be a bit of good craic methinks.


  1. Been loving your Blog EP!!! I hope to meet you at the Finale workout and party!

    Hope you sucked it up and JFDI'd your PT sesh. As for commission... that's one for Michelle next week!
    PS bring your director/friend to the workout or party, that'll seal the deal (or the opposite!)

  2. Hiya Amelia,

    Thanks, though really? Loving it? Hmm. You need to get out more ;) haha

    Yeah. Went to the PT session. Only piked on one thing so wasn't too bad...more in next post.

    Will deffo be at the finale workout & party - Wifey's off to pretty herself up for the party so I'm taking a friend from work to the workout. Am psyched.


  3. You know all us trainers are sadists!
    Hey, would you mind emailing with your phone number. Amiee wants to ask you something.