Sunday, October 31, 2010

12WBT +42

Up at sparrows fart for the session with PT.  Even though I had a solid night's sleep I was still not happy at waking up and having to get up for this.  As is always the case, even though I'm fair knackered afterwards, it is very refreshing and invigorating.  Poor PT got a few choice words and gestures from me as a result of my mood.  Hello, if she's going to make me do things that make me look like an idiot (more so than normal), then I'm going to not be a happy camper.  Wouldn't be surprised if there are YouTube clips of me doing some of the activities - taken by the folk living over the road - haha.

Following the workout (870 cals - not as good as last week, but still better than the 600/hr minimum I have set for myself) we trundled up the road so Wifey could get her haircut and I could do a few chores.  My grumpy face came back as it took an hour to travel the 13kms we had to go.  So much for the Pacific "Highway".  At least it was great weather.

Lunch, sadly, consisted of a pie (lunch on the run...).  Dinner was a bit better - an eggplant pizza (with some salami).  S'funny.  We were getting a bit sick of the weekly pizzas...then they disappeared and we were lost without a quick meal for a Monday night ;)

As may've been noticed, I've been slack with the updating of these.  I haven't lost interest in doing them - just...nothing much doin' in my 'hood and not really having much enthusiasm for sitting in front of the notebook.  Must attempt to work on the enthusiasm - p'haps it's the tiredness.

12WBT +41

Fridays have become my day of rest.  The only real activity I do is to wander to the gym to meet Wifey and then wander home (usually a quicker walk there than home as I tend to forget to leave the house on time and have to hurry ;) ).

We've both been very tired of late and a result of this was me forgetting to make lunch last night.  Crap!  Didn't even think about it until we got up.  Oh, boy.  This is meaning a bought lunch - how will I go?  While Wifey was good and got a salad, I went for a Subway sub - in part due to having very little time.  I was fairly good though.  No mayo/sauce.  No cheese.  Just a roll with chicken, lettuce, tomato and capsicum.  To my credit, I avoided the foot long and only got a 6-incher.  I didn't feel hungry afterwards but at the same time, it seemed...emptier than a usual lunch.

Once again, the night flew by and we were short of time for dinner.  Luckily, the zucchini & broccoli cheesy bake was a quick meal.  There were a few things I might do differently to it if it crops up again.  Namely, adding maybe some paprika or a bit of flavour to the cheese sauce.  It was rather bland, otherwise.

Was funny.  We chucked on a DVD and Wifey, being cheeky, asked if I was going to fall asleep.  I responded in the negative...then was promptly out like a light.  I'm good like that.  As soon as I'm in a comfortable spot (sometimes not even then) all I need to do is close my eyes and that's me for the night.  Out for the count.  Sometimes I may laugh or talk in my sleep (e.g., have been known to, in quite a chirpy manner, wish Wifey a 'good morning' 3am).   Luckily for Wifey, this was not repeated...

12WBT +40

Day 40!  Really!  I'm thinking that I could give something up for Lent - especially if those 40 days go as quickly as these ones have.

I finished yesterday's blog talking about how this program has to be a winner.  As a result of that, I spent a bit of time reflecting on why I think it's a winner (aside from the fact that the time's flown by and I'm not suffering hunger pangs).  From day 1, I had a goal in my mind as to the weight I want to lose (30kgs - sounds a lot but I need to) but that wasn't the driving factor in joining up.  To me, any weight loss is a bonus.  Granted, I am happy when I lose; a bit sad when I gain, but the real reason I joined up was for a holistic lifestyle change.  Our meals weren't terribly different to what the program suggests - the difference was the portion size.  Also, I wasn't the biggest fan of breakfast (except on weekends).  These changes to lifestyle, along with the introduction of regular exercise is what I've been looking for.  Sure.  I could've gone to the gym and got a PT a lot sooner but I don't think that would've helped at the time.

Anyhow, reflection aside (until I look more closely at this week's weekly challenge, that is).  When I got home from work I threw in my fav DVD (as is becoming routine).  I really don't know why/how the mind and the body work together.  When I'm not as enthused about doing the exercise I don't burn as many calories - even if I feel that I'm putting the same amount of effort into it (clearly I'm not).  The effort today saw 905 calories go (after 65 minutes).

Wouldn't be surprised if I almost went into calorie deficit.  As much as I loved lunch, I just wasn't hungry.  The Thai Beef salad was tasty, especially as I added a few sprouts and some carrot into it.  Had crumpets (with nothing on them) for brekkie and a packet of roasted chickpeas during the day.  Seemed to be enough to keep me going.  In saying that, I did start feeling peckish while cooking dinner - but that's about as far as it got.  Had a small pasta dish for dinner, which was OK.  Just so that my body doesn't think that I was ignoring it completely, I even had a slice of banana loaf for dessert (we had a few bananas going spare from last week so I made the banana loaf from week 2 - it freezes really well, so the fact I made a double batch doesn't hurt - just fills our freezer up).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

12WBT +39

Weigh in day.  I had a feeling deep down that it was going to be a bad, bad day.  After one excellent week, followed by a slack, lazy and bread-laden weekend, I couldn't do anything but gain weight.  Gut (no pun intended) feeling: 2.5kg increase.  Was not looking forward to the scales.  Gritted my teeth and jumped on.  I wasn't far wrong.  Weight gain.  Granted, not the 2.5kgs I was expecting.  It was 700g.  All going to plan, I should lose weight next week (well, last time I gained weight, it was followed by a nearly 4kg drop).  Fingers crossed, anyway...

Hump day.  It's all downhill from today.  Two more days and then the weekend.  Sleeping in.  Lazing about.  No work!  Huzzah!  Well, almost huzzah.  Wifey has a bit of school work to do and I really need to pull finger and focus on my PhD again.

After a tasty brekkie (well, haven't had the puffed wheat in a while), I got stuck into work.  My manager was shocked to see the draft outline for a report I'm about to take over.  Four pages - and that's only the headings.  He said he wanted it to be more substantial than the three-page report two years ago.  Dealt with a few emails.  Made a couple of calls.  Mundane stuff, but I felt that it was productive.

Lunch was cottage cheese on corn thins (okay, getting a bit bored with the corn thins now).  Mixed some hot chilli in with the cottage cheese.  Had a wicked kick to it by lunchtime.  Whoo!  Nearly blew the top off...but after the initial shock it was delish.

By the time I got home, I was hanging out to get stuck into some exercise (sick, huh? ;) ).  In went my fav Biggest Loser DVD.  Spent 50 minutes huffing, puffing and sweating away - killed another 675 calories.  Am hoping that keeping this up will result in a drop on the scales next week.

Dinner consisted of a lovely laksa.  Wifey may've found it just a tad spicy (courtesy of me putting extra spice into it - just to finish the jar, mind you).  It was spicy, but that's the way I like it.  It was the perfect dish for the day - I felt like the spice kick (lunch and dinner - bonus!).  I wonder what the next six week will bring in terms of meals.  I've enjoyed most of the meals so far; really enjoyed maybe 60% of them (of the ones that I can eat).

Can't believe that this coming Monday will be the second half of the program.  Who would've thought the time would fly by so quickly?  I expected it to kind of drag out - and be hungry most of the time.  It hasn't - and I'm not.  That has to be a sign of a good program.  I's-a picked a winner!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12WBT +38

Reluctantly woke up this morning.  It felt like a Friday.  I need more Fridays each week.  

The move at the office finally happened.  I was in bright and early (7.30am - not so much bright...or early - more like my usual time) and moved my desk from one end of the office to the other (the end I call the isolation zone).  In our wee pod of four, there are two of us...and one is only in two days each week.  60% of the time I'll be all on my lonesome :(  My former neighbour and I talked exercise etc a lot and that was fantastic motivation for me.

Moving was good exercise.  Had to move two large filing cabinets.  Rather than getting a trolley, I just pushed them along the floor.  Tough going but I did it...only to find that they didn't fit.  Ended up getting a new, larger one put in for me and moving the two cabinets to new homes (without all the content).

Rather than having egg sandwiches, I took Mish's suggestion of having corn thins, for lunch.  As with yesterday, still over bread.  Brekkie was a toasted muffin (with nothing on it).  Snacked on the roasted chickpeas.  Dinner was the steak with mushroom & mustard sauce.  It was nice, but boy did I feel hungry afterwards.  Waited 20 minutes and then forgot about being hungry.  Go the tricking of my tummy ;)  Most likely wouldn't have felt as hungry if I ate mushrooms, but I don't - Wifey gets them all.

We juggled the menu around this week due to the fish starting the week off.  Must find another substitute meal.  Hmm.  Thinking caps on, folks.

The pain from Saturday finally subsided (though not before I moved desks & furniture).  When I got home I had to make another brisk walk up to the Post Office (10 mins each way).  I almost decided not to do any exercise after that but snapped out of it and chucked a DVD in - my favourite one.  50 minutes and 585 calories later, I was fair sweating and feeling knackered.  Even though I don't like it while I'm doing it, I'm starting to see what Wifey says about enjoying it after the fact.  

12WBT +37


My arms were fair killing me.  All day.  Exercise is dangerous, m'kay.  I know I'm sounding like a big girl's blouse, but bloody oath.  I can't straighten them.  I must look very odd walking through the CBD with bent arms (leading to shrugged shoulders).  I'm stretching them as much as possible in the hope they'll come right soon.  Time will tell.

I feel that, despite my efforts to burn calories on Saturday, I fear I'm going to have a bad week in terms of weight loss (or a good week for weight gain - whichever works for you).  I overdosed on bread and am feeling the effect of it.  Not good.  I might surprise myself but amn't hopeful.

The last couple of weeks have been bad for me in terms of sleep patterns.  I'm getting to sleep later but waking up at the same time - and feel like I need more sleep.  Must be beyond over tired, which surely can't be helping the exercising.  Surely, if you're feeling tired you can't be putting 100% effort in.  Sadly, I can't say I put any effort in today :(  I mean, I did have a very brisk walk up to the Post Office and back (granted, only about a 10 minute walk each way).  When I got home I was too tired and too sore.  Two lame excuses, but as I said, I wouldn't be putting 100% in to it - not even 50%.

My pledge is to put more effort in this week.  No more slacking off.  I mean, I had Friday, Sunday and now today off.  That's slack and I deserve to be admonished for it.

Food-wise.  Today I had cereal and yoghurt for brekkie.  Corn thins for lunch (with no topping) and a packet of the lightly salted roasted chickpeas.  Am very partial to the chickpeas.  When you don't like nuts - roasted chickpeas are a great alternative.  At least there was no bread...over bread.

Monday, October 25, 2010

12WBT +36

Today was a bit cooler than yesterday and, luckily, the rain held off while we went for an afternoon walk.  Nothing too strenuous, more to get us out of the house (again).  Much more enjoyable than our earlier excursion - to Woolies.  It seemed to be a bad time we chose.  Heaps of people (most of whom purposely tried to get in the way of me and my trolley).  Let's not go to the supermarket at 10am next time.

I's feeling a wee bit sore today.  Putting it down to doing the DVDs last night.  Perhaps doing them at that time of night isn't conducive to my health ;)  I did lose a bit of gusto towards the end of the session, but hey - gone from doing nothing to a 3hr session.  A bit of an improvement...just.

Enjoyed brekkie today.  Nothing better than a fried egg on a Sunday.  Since I don't eat baked beans, I cooked up two eggs (still less calories than one plus the baked beans).  It makes the weekend seem like a weekend.  Rather than the usual cereal etc had on weekdays, the Sunday cooked is a great change.  Only prob is that I don't often feel like lunch.  In saying that, we wandered to the bakery and picked up a small loaf.  Mmm, freshly baked bread with tomato & mustard (not to mention a wee bit of cheese).

Pain hasn't gone.  Not happy, Jan.  My arms are terribly sore.  Wasn't the DVDs - it was the evil PT's activities.  How do I know this?  Wifey is suffering the same.  At least it's not 'cos I'm completely and utterly unfit!  Wifey's fit and if she's hurtin', what hope is there for me - haha.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

12WBT +35

Went to the first weekly PT session in two weeks.  I figured she was going to attempt to kill me.  I wasn't far off the mark.  I was swearing left, right and centre at her.  She'd been planning her plot for ages, methinks.  The beep test.  Beep test?  Who on earth developed that torturous "activity".  I hate it.  With a passion.  From memory, I avoided it like the plague in high school (the joy of going to a boys' school - regular torture in PE by teachers who either belonged in the army or weren't good enough to make the ABs).  I persevered, with my usual smile and jovial nature.  No, wait.  I've just crossed the boarder from fact into fiction.  I was fair swearing like a trooper!  In the end I made it to level 5.  Is this good?  I dunno.  It's better than levels 1-4, I guess.  We did more activities designed to kill, but guess what.  I got my revenge!  I lived to tell the tale.  Ha!  Haha, even. 

There was one amusing part to the whole proceedings.  We were made to run up this hill, then run back down.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot that he shouldn't take big steps whilst running down the hill.  Couldn't slow down and was screaming profanities rather loudly (this time directed at himself).  Funny in hindsight, not at the time.  

I shouldn't really complain though (but that won't stop me).  I managed to burn off 1095 calories in the hour-long session.  This pleases me.

Despite the good start to the day, it wasn't so good in terms of calorie intake.  We were going to have brekkie, but instead settled for 1/2 a protein shake each.  Lunch didn't happen until about 1.30pm (we went up to the Paddington market to see what all the fuss was about).  They didn't really have much in the healthy category, so I went for something tasty (egg fried rice and a pork bun).  Granted, it was ok and filling, but I didn't find it satisfying.  Oh well, perhaps this is the change in my lifestyle that I've been wanting? :)

On the way home, it started spitting (until then, it had been a glorious day!).  We were fortunate enough to get on the train before the heavens well and truly opened (lightening, thunder, hail, rain - all very brilliant).  The bummer was there was apparently a lightening strike at North Sydney that caused problems.  We were stuck on the Harbour Bridge (not my first time, I might add.  I was lucky enough to be stuck on one of the trains that was held up there on Melbourne Cup day last the swealtering heat of a non-airconditioned train).  What was normally a 10 minute trip home was nearly an hour.  Such is life.

The next bad calorie intake story is afternoon tea and dinner (combined 'cos I finished of the rest of afternoon tea for dinner).  We'd bought a lovely fruit scroll from a bakery at the market for afternoon tea.  I finished it off for dinner as I never see the point in cooking for one when Wifey's out.  

I think I did make up for it in the end though.  As I'd mentioned in an earlier posting, Wifey was having a chooks' night out so I thought I'd be bold and do the three Biggest Loser DVDs (Beginner's workout, cardio burn and calorie killer) back-to-back.  Starting at 6.40pm, I did.  The only modification I made was I never did the pyramid training in the calorie killer (we don't really have enough room for it inside and I wasn't going outside in the wet), so I did the circuit section twice.  Finished at 9.50pm.  Total of 2227 calories dusted in the 3hr 10min session.  Of that time, I was in zone for 2hr 20min - not great, but I'm still well pleased with it.  I most likely could've done better had I done them in the reverse order as by the end of it I was a bit knackered (not literally, of course).

A productive day, but not so good with the diet side.  At least the calories burnt would've made up for the choccy bars yesterday and the fruit scroll...  I hope.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

12WBT +34

A nothing day.

I have Fridays as my rest day (rather than Sundays), so there ain't not nothing much to report.  Will that stop me rabbiting on?  Nah.  Not me.  King of the rambling rants ;)

Brekkie.  Good.  Under the calorie count.

Lunch.  Wrap.  Can't go past 'em.  Tasty.  Perhaps a bit moist by noon.  Added extra to it (sprouts) to pad it out.  Yummo.

Dinner.  Avoided whatever was scheduled.  We were off to the theatre again (1927: The Children and Animals Took to the Streets) - and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Rather than whatever was scheduled (lasagne, I think), we only had time for something quick.  Out came the leftover frozen Creamy Cauliflower soup from either week 1 or week 2.  Was tasty.

Methinks we've started a small (but naughty) tradition now.  After seeing a show at the Opera House, we seem to be stopping off to by a gelato on the way back to the train.  Not sure how many calories are in them (but had one last week and didn't stop me dropping more weight than I thought I would).  Oh well, a treat is a treat.  Besides which, I don't seem to use Saturdays as treat days.  We try our best to keep to below the calorie intake.  And, PT said that we're allowed a cheat day (Mish, however, may frown ;) ).

Actually, confession time.  I snuck a couple of wee choccy bars in today.  Just the wee ones mind.  I felt guilty, too.  Guilt seems to work as a determent for future lapses.  I had, in part, a moment of weakness and also, in part, I was having a sugar low and needed a quick fix (excuses, excuses, huh?).

Have PT session in the morning.  Mixed feelings - have been doing well with the DVDs; even enjoying them.  What the hell is in store for us tomorrow.  Wifey's session was a killer for her, so a bit wary about it all...  Scary stuff to come...

12WBT +33

1. Tired and grumpy (waking up until about 7.30am).
2. Bouncy and wide awake; ready for anything (7.30am-10.30am)
3. Shitty and frustrated (10.30am-11.30am)
4. Bouncy and productive (11.30am-1pm)
5. Bored and restless (1pm-3pm)
6. Chirpy and productive (3pm-3.30pm)
7. Chirpy and surprised (3.30pm-4pm)
8. Hating public transport (4pm-4.30pm)
9. Happy and blissful (4.30pm-5.45pm)

What a roller-coaster day.  It's been great!

Don't know what's going on with me, I'm putting it down to the weather.  The best thing was being called into my manager's office (to be faced with him and the HR boss) and given a letter. I'm so great.  I'm so wonderful.  They love me.  What more could I ask for?  The letter confirmed me telling them how great and wonderful I was ;)  Bonus.  Pay rise!  Not even 2 months in the job (and there'll be the annual increase in the new year - and my pay review in Feb at the end of my probation).  So much better than working in a university environment (though I do miss the UMO in London).

Did my exercise du jour - an hour of blasting off the belly fat (apparently).  It better work ;)  Was disappointed though.  Only 500cals for the hour.  Still, 500 is much better than 0.  My mantra (...apparently).

I've thought lots about the mini-challenge.  I can't say how much I enjoyed it (even if it wasn't overly strenuous).  Wifey is having a chook's night out on Saturday so I've decided that I'm going to have another mini-challenge.  This one is not so much about how many calories I can burn or anything - more to challenge myself to stick to something I never thought I would (or could) do.  I'm going to do all three of the Biggest Loser DVDs - obviously not at the same time.  Will start with the beginners one, move on to the cardio burn one and then to the calorie killer (my fav).  Could be a tough day for me on Saturday (especially since we're back with PT).  If I don't write again after Friday - it was all worth it!

Even though yesterday was a good day, I was a bit lazy with brekkie & lunch for today.  I had a muffin split for brekkie (according to Calorie King, that was 140 calories - less than I thought it would be).  Snacked on my seeds through the day and had a lovely salad for lunch (not the planned one).  Spinach leaves, boiled egg, grapes, beans and a wee bit of parmesan for good measure.  So tasty.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I love salads.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

12WBT +32

Firstly, can I just say there are some crazy-loco people in the world.  Without going into details, one of these people - who has only ever received one email from me but has sent about 5 or phone calls to the office - sent another email about me (no one could work out why) and also sent it to the AFP.  Absolutely hilarious.  Made for a good way to end the working day.

I was all geared up to do a nice, long workout but (yes, I know, there always has to be a but) I had a Skype call with my PhD supervisor, which lasted for just on an hour.  It was well productive in so much as I don't need to work on my writing as he said I'm one of the best he's ever encountered - still have more to do content-wise though.  Again, continuing with my theme of being happy.

Don't get me wrong, the call to my supervisor was not an excuse to avoid exercising.  Quite the opposite.  It spurred me on even more.  How?  Well, it was the first time we'd seen each other in nearly 4 years.  When he last saw me, I must've been around the 125-130kg mark (can't believe I never really noticed how big I was though).  Now, fresh under 100kgs (see next paragraph for personal gloating), the first thing he said to me was, "Wow.  You're looking great".  Ego boost or what!?  Straight after the call, threw in my fav DVD (I can say this now - I don't swear at Shannon or Michelle anymore) and gave it just on an hour (and 700 calories).  

Oh, how could I forget that the happiness continued when I woke up (not entirely true, I'd rather have been sleeping than waking up).  Wednesday weigh-in day.  Last week was +800g; this week...-3.9kgs.  Yippee. I want to gun for something similar next week.  When doing the mini-challenge on Saturday, I said to Wifey that when I get under 100kgs, I'll stop calling myself 'Fatty-boom-boom' and use 'Fatty-boom' (only until I get to below 95kg.  Less than 95kg - 'Fatty' shall suffice).  She raised an eyebrow.  I find it funny - not insulting or anything.  Perhaps it's a deep-down psychological trick I'm playing on myself?  So, yeah.  Am down to 97.8kgs.  My goal, at some point, is to get to 75-80kgs - might happen during Round 1, 2011 (or perhaps Round 2...or if I get a tummy bug while in Africa ;) ).

Not sure about anyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lentil spaghetti bolognese.  I do enjoy cooking such simple, yet delish, meals (simple = fewer dishes :D ).  The added bonus was that I felt SO productive.  Got home, had PhD call, worked out, prepped & cooked dinner - all before Wifey got home.  She was able to come in and sit down to a lovely dinner...with Mish's live video while we ate (which is a moderate change to normal, where we have it going while cooking).

I am mildly concerned that I'm losing weight but not really feeling it (mind you, didn't feel it last time either).  I guess that's a good thing - surely it must mean that there's an element to it being a healthy loss (not like people who drop it like a stone over a cliff but still feel a bit...strange).  My main concern is that I'm going to have all this excess skin - particularly around my belly.  There must be something - other than getting the carving knife and needle & thread out - that can be done.  I shall ask PT when we see her on Saturday (she's going to try and kill me.  I know she will.  Two weeks away and she will punish me...noooooooooo).  Ignore me, I think it's kinda like me being tickled - the more I protest, the more I really, really want it.  I thrive on the anticipation ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

12WBT +31

I am very happy.  All is good in the world when I am happy.  Why am I happy?  Well, let me tell you...

When I got home from work, I thought that I should do a DVD.  Sometimes it takes all my energy to build up the enthusiasm to do this (I know, sounds bad - but it's the truth).  Today was different.  I can't explain it.  Perhaps it was just the cold (I'm such a soft bugger.  I was raised a stone's throw away from Antarctica - the very arse end of NZ and now I'm complaining that about 15deg is cold...).  Anyway, threw in the DVD and got really into it.  I thought I'd be sick of doing the same one over and over (Calorie Killer) but nah.  Not yet.  I really like doing the circuit at the beginning - so did that three times - then went through the rest of it...almost (had a phone call I had to take, but had still done 1hr 10mins by this point).  For the third day in the last week I've gone over 1000 calories (granted, one day was the mini-challenge).

Small things amoose me.

I suppose the other reason I'm happy is because I was given some things to do at work today - things that will keep me busy and, more importantly, interested.  I's-a gonna be getting stuck into data analysis and report writing.  Ahh, bliss.  I'll be able to use my brain again (might have to dust it off a bit first).

Y'know what we realised?  That the Commonwealth Games are over.  This means tele reverts back to normal.  Have we missed it?  Nope.  Not really.  Sure, there are other channels, but Ten seems to have the better shows.  It has been good in that we have been watching ABC more, and there are some good shows on there too.  At least with summer approaching, it won't consume our lives (like the Biggest Loser and Masterchef tend to).  I plan to keep up with my exercise - I don't feel like it's a chore anymore, it's becoming part of my life...after how many years?

May I continue to be a happy person (may no one piss me off ;) ).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

12WBT +30

Ugh.  Mondayitis.  It's very much like Fridayitis, only with less to look forward to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go around and do anything that would get a song written about me (like one Brenda Ann Spencer; not that I think she did it just for a would hope.  Now I think about it, I feel I am worthy of a song...).  I think part of me would like to go back to my undergraduate days - days where I chose subjects based on what time I felt like getting out of bed.  I'm going through a phase of my body wanting to continue sleeping and my mind jumping around in my noggin' like a two year-old-on speed (erm, or what I would imagine a two-year-old on speed would be like).  It's a day on automatic pilot.

I'm starting to get slack when it comes to breakfasts.  I'm having it, which in itself is a major coup for me, just not quite what is planned for the day.  It's my own variation (based on whatever's easiest to prepare the night before - that's not entirely true.  What would be easiest would be a muffin or crumpets - I'm still doing cereal, fruit & yoghurt, just not every day.  Note to self: grind up more linseed.).  Having breakfast is now very much a 'set in concrete' routine for me.  I haven't skipped one breakfast since the program started.  I'd hate to think how grumpy I'd be if I did (I would say like a coffee addict without their fix...but I'm not really a coffee drinker, so don't know how that'd feel - but I'm picking I'd act in much the same way - lol).

See.  I told my personalities that this program - even if I didn't lose weight - would be beneficial to me in terms of habits (and general fitness).  It took a while to get a consensus to just bite the bullet and do it.  Reading that sentence back, I feel I should explain that I am not really a crazy person.  Well...just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my sanity is in the mind of the beholder (and as I be the one holding it - what I say goes!).  Sorry.  Bad joke (but they're all I know).

Enjoyed the wrap for lunch.  We put in alfalfa sprouts and snow pea shoots - just for the added ...crunch.  Very tasty (also, Jarlsberg was our preferred cheese - not the Swiss).  Am looking forward to the next wrap this week...mmm, wraps.  Wraps are good people.  Stir fry for dinner was good too, though I have to admit to giving the shit ache mushrooms to Wifey as mushrooms are definitely not good people!  I don't blame them for being disgusting things; I'm just a fussy bugger.

Exercise was feeble.  Just a walk around the neighbourhood.  Only 370 calories.  Not happy, Jan (sorry if Jan is reading this - not really unhappy with you personally, just a turn of phrase that gets bandied about).

Oh, fark.  I had no idea that Mish actually looked at these blogs.  I was very surprised to see a comment from her (from anyone for that matter) on one of my entries.  Then for her to say that she was mentioning my blog on Twitter!  I've been twittered...or tweeted...  Hmm, does that make me a twat? (Rhetorical question - no need to answer, thank you ;) ).  To be fair, I thought it was just a random comment, someone pulling my leg.  I don't even know why I looked at my blog on the way home from work.  When I got home, I thought I'd look on Twitter (having never been to the site, I didn't know if messages were available to all in sundry, or just those with accounts).  Sure enough - my name was in lights (well, in the "twitterverse").  Scary stuff.
I've been telling anyone who would (and wouldn't) listen that I was a legend...
I dunno about being a legend.  I consider myself very good at being able to write about absolutely length.  Some days it's a struggle, but I'm thinking of it as a discipline...

Monday, October 18, 2010

12WBT +29

Here's a simple formula: (sunshine + no wind) + weekend = very happy EP

Now, if "weekend" was replaced with either "long weekend" or "holiday", then it would be an even happier EP.  'Twas not to be the case so I'll just settle with the simple one :)

It's amazing how such a little thing like a sunny day can improve one's disposition (just like when I lived in London - sun made everyone happy; rain or cold weather had the opposite effect).  Even doing the boring, mundane domestics didn't seem to be as bad.  Mind you, having nothing planned for the day allowed us to plod along with them in between doing other bits & pieces.  I even managed to get stuck into the garden again (this was only because the weather of late has made all the seed put out for the birds sprout into grass - making a very unkempt-looking garden)...and our garden is only a tiny wee thing!

Sat out in the sun and had a late breakfast (which was really a brunch).  Two-egg omelette (2 whites, 1 yolk) and a toasted muffin.  Sitting out in the sun, coupled with being relaxed, I think made it taste even better.  Because we had it so late (around 10ish) it ended up keeping us going until about 5pm, when we realised we were a bit peckish.  Rather than having something that we didn't really need, Wifey prepared us a fruit salad with yoghurt.  I always enjoy a fresh fruit salad (providing there are no melons or passionfruit in it - yuck! ;) ).

I really should've been thinking more about my PhD today, since it was a very quiet day.  Nah - couldn't be bothered.  It can wait - it's waited this long, what's another week or so?

So.  Week 5 of the program is upon us.  One month is done and dusted.  So far, so good.  So far, so easy.  I'm starting to wonder what's about to come out of the woodwork to get us going even more (or, to bite me on the arse for saying "so far, so easy"!).  Would be interesting to find out what the drop out rate has been.  I'm sure I read on one of the forum discussions someone asking whether there could be a feature on the site indicating the total amount of weight lost by all participants.  That would be interesting - especially if it had an average listed, too.  I suppose, as well as being interesting, it could also be very discouraging for some (and I bet I'd fall into that category!).

Even though my loss over the first few weeks hasn't been much (3.1kgs), I'm still well chuffed with it.  I know that I could be doing more in terms of the exercise and I feel that after the effort over the last few days (2 days over 1000 calories), I think I'm ready to up the ante and actually start pushing myself just that wee bit more.  Sessions with PT will start up again this Saturday (after a two-week hiatus while PT has been off at body sculpting comps), so that'll be good...he says with a cringe ;)

Onwards and upwards (or should that be onwards and downwards - weight-wise?).  Two months to go and, in my perfect world, 27kgs to go...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

12WBT +28

Well, until Friday night, I hadn't really decided on what to do for the first of the mini milestone challenges.  I had a few ideas, but that was as far as I seemed to be able to get.  The idea of heading up to the Blue Mountains to do a couple of walks was very appealing, as was doing some of the walks around the neighbourhood.  We ended up deciding on doing the Taronga Zoo to Balmoral walk.  Turned out to be a good idea given the weather!  Blustery winds etc.  Was good for a walk as it wasn't too hot.  Had we gone up to the Blue Mountains, I fear we may've just decided to turn around and head straight back home (snow/sleet isn't conducive to such events).

Anyhow, according to the link above, it would take around 3 hours to walk one-way (~6.8kms).  I know from personal experience that these times don't apply to the average walker, so Wifey and I opted to do a return trip instead of grabbing the bus from Balmoral to take us back to the zoo (and the car).  This also meant that we had to walk back up to the top of zoo to where we'd parked the car.

2hr 40mins later we were back in the car heading home.  I should admit, we did stop the clock for about a quarter of an hour at Balmoral to meander along the esplanade and grab lunch (gotta have an energy refuel, huh?).  It was only a banana smoothie, but still.  Kept me goin'.  By the end, I was well chuffed that I'd managed to burn off around 1850 calories (Wifey did about 1100 calories - but she's not as fat as me).  I was also pleased that I was able to run good chunks of it (including up hills & steps).  The biggest smile I had (in between gasping for air, of course) was when I ran up the steps on the way back from Balmoral.  Go me! ;)

Had to stop off at Bunnings on the journey home - ended up getting a couple of sausage sizzles there.  Didn't see the harm in that, especially since we'd really not had much since brekkie (ricotta & honey on toast).  We were both a wee bit sleepy when we got home (not that I think either of us were expecting it) and ended up having a granddad nap.  Oopsies.  Went out and got groceries, came home and had a light dinner (with 1/2 bottle of beer) and that was it for the day.

A happy camper signing off.

PS: I feel that the next mini milestone, which I do have a plan in place for, needs to be improved on.  The 10km fun run is paling in comparison to the first effort.  May have to add a DVD or two to it...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

12WBT +27

What was supposed to be a cruisy day in the office due to moving around ended up being an almost bone idle day in the office due to the moving around not eventuating and me not wanting to do anything (Fridayitis).  The only good thing about it was work shouted us out to lunch.  Kinda missed having the rice paper rolls, but really enjoyed the Roman Salad.

One of the girls in the office is an avid baker and bought in a HUGE chocolate devil cake.  Looked bloody good.  But you know what?  I restrained myself.  Didn't have a single crumb of it.  Not only that, one of the other girls commented on how good and dedicated I am not to be tempted by any of the cakes that have been bought in.  Kudos to me - haha.

We didn't really have time to cook the scheduled dinner, so it was duly adapted by Wifey into a very tasty eggplant, zucchini, capsicum sauce (tomato paste & ricotta base) and spaghetti.  Following this, we were off to the theatre to see a British play, Panic.  Was a nice change.  Has been a while since we went to see something.  Have another one booked for next Friday, too.

Fell off the wagon a wee bit on the way home, though.  We grabbed a gelato on the way to the station.  Oops ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

12WBT +26

I am so over it!  Not the 12WBT - I'm kind of enjoying that too much.  I'm over the tiredness I'm feeling since the weekend.  For some reason, I've not felt as though I've had a chance to catch my breath.  I can almost feel my "Mr Grumpy" coming on (this is when I'll be all happy and silly then BOOM!  Mr Grumpy).  Happens when I'm tired.  Am doing my utmost not to have it happen as Wifey is fair knackered with work - the last thing she needs is to have to face Mr Grumpy at home.

I thought it was definitely going to be a Mr Grumpy day when I got up.  That, in itself, was a struggle.  Then, after I was all showered and dressed for work I go to get the lunch out of the fridge (the pumpkin soup from the other day) and for some reason thought I could miraculously pick up one of the containers without actually holding on to it.  It landed on the floor.  And the walls.  And the door.  And the washer.  And me!  Grr.  Thinking that was going to be it for the day, I was foul on the train to work.  Things calmed though and I had one of the most productive days at work since I started.  It was really good.

Following on from the good day at work, I am super pleased to say that I've had a first today.  Over 1000 calories (just) in one session!  Go the Calorie Killer DVD!  Go me!
Look, Ma!  Just over 1000 calories killed :)
So never, ever thought that I could do it.  Granted, it was in just over an hour, but STOKED!  On top of the 730ish last night, I think this week is going to be good - especially with the mini-challenge on Saturday (which I still don't know what to do...maybe a hike (with backpack) or maybe kayaking...dilemmas!).

After watching the live video with Mish last night and reading some of the comments and questions that were sent in, I'm starting to worry a wee bit.  Mish suggested 1800cals/day intake for us lads.  I'm currently doing the 1200cals/day that the ladies are having (by proxy of not being arsed to add extra).  Mish said that's fine (in response to my live question in week 1) but if I needed more, just to have it.  My problem is that I'm starting to find that the 1200cals/day is becoming too much.  I'm not having snacks as I feel full - I know that the body needs the fuel, but I'm not hungry.  Not even peckish.  I guess, if I keep up say 700cals/day in exercise and only eat say 1000cals/day, I should lose the weight quicker, eh?  Guess it's not really an issue - more that people were saying they're feeling hungrier etc.

When I saw the meal on the plate (steak & corn salsa) I cringed.  That couldn't be enough to feed me.  It was more like a couple of mouthfuls.  Not quite true, but what's a little exaggeration between friends? ;)  Seriously though, I didn't think it would be enough.  I couldn't believe that by the end of it, I thought I was struggling to finish.  I did finish but like I said, not hungry afterwards.  This is a little too weird for me.  My fatty-boom-boom wants the food while my brain and body are saying, 'kiss off'.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

12WBT +25

Got up.  Weighed in.  Not the 2kg increase I was expecting - only 800g.  Not a lot but nevertheless, not a happy camper.  Mind you, I wasn't overly full of the exercise bug over the weekend...and we ate out a lot.  All makes sense, huh?

Enjoyed the lunch.  Haven't had rice paper rolls before.  Was amazed at how filling they were.  Had to have two sittings to fit them in!  I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the future.  Also, dinner was rather good too.  When I saw the serving sizes I was a little bit, 'I'm gonna be starving after this', but I wasn't.  Wifey and I watched Mish's live video while we ate.  Seems to be our weekly 'thing' - if we're not watching it while we eat, we've got the lappie out on the kitchen block while we're cooking dinner.

Well, after the weekend away, I'm back into the swing of exercise.  Out came the DVDs (still not ready to face the gym yet, but not overly concerned about that at this stage).  55 minutes, bucket loads of sweat and 735cals later, I was done.  Knackered, but feeling good (especially after the shower).

Had a look at a few of the blogs going on out there and had a chuckle about the side-effects of the program - having to get new clothes.  Didn't think about that personally, but I was wearing a pair of boardies when I went down to take out the trash and recycling.  Had my hands full and was therefore slow to react to what was to come next.  Bloody shorts started to fall.  Being mid-way down the stairs did not help at all.  Managed to catch them when they were at my knees.  Slightly embarrassed over that.  But wait, there's more.  They slipped down again as I was lifting the lids of the bins to chuck in the trash.  Shame!  If this is what's happening after one month, does that mean after three months I'm going to have to buy more new jeans? (I only bought new ones a few weeks ago.)

I like the feeling of clothes fitting a bit better but at the moment, despite the evidence pointing towards it, I still don't feel like I've lost weight.  Mind over matter and my mind ain't getting over it yet.  Hopefully it'll happen soon enough.  Wifey said tonight that my jelly belly is shrinking a wee bit, so yay to that (I should add that she never said it quite as I've recorded it) :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12WBT +24

I'm here.  I'm with it.  Okay, so the best way of summing it up for me is "lights on; no one home".  I wonder if it's due to a lack of exercise (perhaps my body is trying to say that it's enjoying being a bit more active?) - or is it due to a lack of food?  Nah, can't be a lack of food.  Surely my fat puku would be talking to me and saying it was hungry?  Who knows?  It could just be the way I feel right now.

Enjoyed the brekkie of crumpets and jam (though felt so guilty putting jam on them - who am I?  What's happened to the real EP???).  Wasn't scheduled - a swap around due to not being on the ball the day before.  The pumpkin soup was good - albeit with a big kick.  Methinks someone  didn't need the extra curry paste he put into it while cooking.  I do feel more like salads than soups this week though.  Just sayin'.

While on the topic of food, I've received three emails in the last couple of days talking about going out for lunch at work.  The first is the Christmas luncheon.  We were sent the menu and I was good.  I asked for the vegetarian option (which wasn't listed, I must add).  The second was because one of the people in the office is leaving - haven't looked too closely at that as yet.  The third is a lunch just 'cos - well, over half the office is over in Perth this week and those left behind are being shouted a lunch (nice CEO, huh?).  Am thinking of choosing the salad (and not the meals with chips - as I once would've done).  We'll see what comes of it all.  

Hadn't thought about doing this program during the silly season.  Man, kudos to those of you who'll have lots of Christmas functions to get around.  Hope you all 'stay on the wagon' :)

Crud.  Just remembered that I haven't done my measurement thingees.  Off to do them now...

Back.  W00t!  Have lost cms around chest, waist, "widest", legs.  Am happy.  Would've done my famous (in my head) happy dance...but my legs are still a wee bit jelly-like from the wall sit (stupid bloody thing ;) ).  I improved on everything except the ab things.  Still only a level 1 :(  Time will tell.  Still have another couple of measurements to do before the end of the program.

I paid attention to the login page today and saw that Mish has the pre-Round 1 2011 registration up.  Will I sign up again?  Hell yeah!  Done now.  So looking forward to late January and the next round :D  Sad?  Yeah, just a little bit ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12WBT +23

The weekday alarm is a cruel invention, can I just say.  It was a real case of dragging ourselves out of bed.  Once I got going, it wasn't so bad.  

Because we'd been away, we hadn't looked ahead to the menus and such for this week.  Needless to say, there was a bit of a mad panic trying to guess what was for brekkie and lunch.  I settled with my much enjoyed Special K with blueberries, LF Greek yoghurt, ground linseed and cinnamon for brekkie.  Lunch was a bit more a case of slim pickin's.  Rather than deciding to be terribly bad - or to just give up and grab something in town - I grabbed the last of the corn thins (a whole 3 of them).  That was it!  You know what, I still didn't feel hungry at the end of the day - okay, a wee bit peckish by the time we had dinner (around 9.30pm!), but nothing like I used to feel.

When I got home, I did 25mins of the Cardio Killer DVD.  That managed to knock about 370cals off.  I then wandered up to St Leonards for the 1km run (not looking forward to it at all).  Met Wifey there (my trusty timekeeper!) and went off and did that.  I kept the HRM on during my walk there (and back) as well as while I was running - of course.  All up, it was an extra 50mins of walking/running - much at a steady pace - and another 600cals gone.  Nearly 1000cals.  I feel I want to break the 1000 mark soon.  Was meant to do the rest of the measurements etc but we had to get this week's groceries...cook dinner...catch up on the laundry...get ready for the next day so it really didn't happen.  As mentioned, Monday Pizza didn't happen until quite late in the evening.  Did, however, make the soup for the lunches - that was a major achievement (even more so than the calorie killing).

Fingers crossed this week gets easier.  I feel quite flat at the moment.  Mostly due to being tired - not as a result of the program (EP doesn't handle late nights very well any more - his body punishes him by waking up at dumb-ass o'clock in the mornings).  Over all, 1/4 of the way into the program, I'm feeling really good about things!  Am hoping that there's another round next year (to burn of the Christmas calories - though, we'll be on safari so hopefully I won't be putting on too much, if any, weight!).  I have in my head that I'd like to be 75kgs.  I still have another 25 to go.  Wifey thinks that I'll look really odd being that weight.  Perhaps I'll take her advice and get to a more achievable weight (say, 90kgs) and then work on toning all the flabby bits - then look at dropping more.  I don't know.  The thought of being trim appeals...but then, so does the thought of being trim without all the flabby bits.  Such a dilemma.  Thin people have such an easy life ;) haha

12WBT +22

How quickly long weekends seem to fly by...especially when you end up being lazy and sleep in ;)

After surfacing, which I must say is a difficult thing to do these days, we checked out of the hotel and went in search of brekkie.  Well.  I think I'm using that phrase very lightly.  We knew where we wanted to try and went there (with a slight technical glitch that required a small amount of back-tracking).  I think the days of watching what I was eating went out the window!  Had a yummy crocque monsieur for brekky (with tea - not coffee - to make up for the cheese and bread).

Exercise today was limited, again, to walking around Melbourne.  After a visit to the Tim Burton exhibition (bloody brilliant - and popular to boot!) there was a stroll around looking for a place to dine.  Eventually found one along Southbank - convenient to the hotel (where we'd left the bags), as it transpired.  I'm really, really hoping that there was enough walking to get me through all the food I ate over this weekend!  It wasn't bad - but it wasn't good, either.  Such is life though.  

By the time we got home, which wasn't overly late, we were fair knackered.  Neither of us were much looking forward to the joys that Monday usually bring - especially Wifey, coming off from two weeks holidays.  The things we have to do for an income, huh?

I had contemplated the thought of going for a short walk before bed - not a happening thing.  The contemplation was more than enough exertion for me, thank you.  Instead, the focus turned to emptying bags and getting lives ready for the week ahead (ugh, a full 5 days at work) - tres, tres depressing.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

12WBT +21

The plan to get up and go for a longish walk/run went out the window.  We're really not used to having an almost pitch-black room!  It was nice to have a bit of a sleep-in though.

When we finally surfaced, we wandered around a few of the lanes and alleys in Melbourne before settling on a spot in the Block Arcade for brekkie.  I had a lovely omelette on sour bread.  Sadly, they have the eggs pre-done so there went my plan for a one yolk, two whites omelette.  We wandered around even more and then made our way up to the Melbourne Museum for the Titanic exhibition (walking, of course).  That was well good to see.  So amazing to see pieces that had been lifted from the bottom of the ocean where they've been for decades.  It was well worth the visit and I'm so pleased we went to it!  Even better - we both survived. (Each visitor received a boarding pass with a real passenger's details and at the end, we could see if we survived or perished.)

We weren't sure what to do next.  It was still early-ish so we wandered back into town (via a couple of quaint wee bookstores) and then decided to take the tram to St Kilda.  Got there and went for a walk along the pier and promenade.  Absolutely lovely weather - was nice to have the sea breeze as well.  While there we found a cafe opposite Luna Park and had lunch (ok, so it was a late lunch - being 4.30pm!).  Wifey and I shared a small pizza.  Then we headed back to town.  Had another wander and then back to the hotel for a bit of a freshen up (and to rest our weary feet).  We'd decided that we would visit Lygon Street for a bite of dinner.  On again went the shoes (for me, a different pair - partly to ease my feet, partly to ease the smell of the other pair). 

Strolling around Melbourne, whether by day or by night, is a great experience.  The people there are always so laid back and there are so many looks - people watching becomes a favourite past-time.  

On Lygon Street, we settled for a small Italian place (surprise, surprise).  Portion was rather larger than we'd planned on.  Another setback for EP's weight loss.  The walk back to the hotel hopefully went some way to shedding the excess calories from dinner...and lunch...and brekkie.  Hmm ;)

Even though no "formal" exercise was done, we were walking around a lot (should've worn my HRM, huh?).  It was a good day - relaxing - and that, my friends, was the purpose of the weekend away.  Perhaps I should start worrying as the week four measurements are coming up - and, of course, the dreaded weekly weigh-in (my guess - increase of about 2kgs - bugger!!!).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

12WBT +20

Knowing that we're chilling in Melbourne over the weekend, Wifey and I went for a wee power walk when we got up. Ended up killing (not literally I don't think) about 615cals. Throughout the day (having two consecutive long weekends can be strongly recommended) we did another couple of decent walks. Granted, they weren't hard out but they were at a consistent speed (and for over an hour). The in-laws were staying so we wandered around the neighbourhood with them.

Brekkie ended up being around 10.30 and boy was I starving by then. I had two crumpets (with no butter or jams etc), 20g of puffed wheat with 60g LF Greek yoghurt. Oh, and a kiwifruit. By the time we had lunch at 1pm, I wasn't overly hungry. Still, I ordered a vege burger (that came with wedges). I was really good - didn't eat the burger bun (white & untoasted, with butter on it) or the wedges. Sounds silly, but I am pleased with my ability to restrain myself now :). Well. Until dinner at the airport. Ended up having pork in Peking sauce & chicken teriyaki on steamed rice at the airport. Pleased I'd done the extra walking!

The flight down was good but the plane was uncomfortably hot. Perhaps this is Virgin Blue's way of getting people to buy more onboard ;)

Anyhow - Melbourne beckons :)

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Friday, October 8, 2010

12WBT +19

Dear Diary,

Today...wait a minute.  This ain't no diary.  It's just...well, I guess a blog is a form of a diary.  No one said you have to write in a diary on a daily basis.  A blog is an online diary - just with a silly name ;)

Only been in my new job for a few weeks and applied for an internal promotion.  Was told yesterday that they would interview in 2-3 weeks.  Today, at about 10am, was asked if I could do a 2.30pm interview.  Now, I interview really badly.  I'm a right shocker.  I know what they want to hear, but have a habit of being honest - which looks bad on me.  I don't really care whether I get the job or not now.  There may be some other opportunities crop up for me there if I bide my time.  S'all good :)

I had a lazy day.  No exercise.  This shall be my rest day.  I have a day off on the morrow so can go for a walk or something then.  In-laws are down for a couple of days, which is really nice.  We went out for dinner and I really, really, REALLY surprised myself (and the waitress).  In reverse order: no dessert (sure, I looked at the menu and thought I could've eaten the creme brulee - but didn't even feel like I missed out on anything); mains - a roast pumpkin, sweet onion and feta salad (supposed to be an entree but I asked for it to be a main) and boy was it tasty (when the waitress brought it out, she also had the rack of lamb Wifey was having - and was surprised when I said the lamb was for Wifey and the salad for me - men clearly don't eat salads in Sydney); starters - a couple of slices of bagette.  No alcohol - just water.  Didn't feel hungry afterwards and there wasn't even any food envy (food envy is not a good thing for me usually - it makes me hungrier).  I'm happy with myself.

Lunch was left over risotto (per the menu plan).  We did cheat and put a wee bit more rice in as I'm not a fan of mushrooms and picked out all the big chunks (I can handle the flavour, and finely chopped up pieces - but the texture is gross).  Even had compliments from people at work when I was heating it up :)

Have a day off work - second consecutive long weekend (making this week a 3-day one).  Gotta love it!  We're off galavanting so the weekend's blog entries will be up on Monday.  I hope to include more about exercise as I'm feeling I'm not doing enough.

Before I forget (I forget lots, just by the way, usually because I sidetrack myself...or just don't pay any attention to what I was saying (or thinking...or doing)), I put my newest fav pair of jeans on to go out for dinner and they're not quite as comfy...they seem to be getting a bit looser.  This is a good thing, but also not so good as I only bought them a short time ago.  *sigh*

Today's entry has been brought to you by the emoticon (lotsa usage, huh?).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

12WBT +18

It's heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Everybody's favourite day of the week.

Let's hear it, kiddies - weigh-in Weds is upon us!!!

I stood in the bathroom wondering.  Should I do it?  Face the music?  Or should I just chicken out and make up the weight I feel like I am.  It's not like anyone would notice, is it? ;)

I braved it.  Twice.  The first time I thought I mis-read it in my haste to get off.  The second time confirmed it.  I lost weight.  Wifey was bang on the money...almost.  She said I'd lost weight but did I believe her?  Nope.  Maybe I should start ;)  A loss of 3.1kgs (so far 4.3kg or 4.1% gone).  I was blown away.  Just goes to show, I don't yet know my own body (though did think I started the program around 105kgs without having weighed myself at the time, so that wasn't a bad guess).

Made for a good day - especially since I wasn't overly happy with the lunch set out for us.  Not happy at all.  Hardly worth even eating anything.  Okay, to be fair, it wasn't until I got home from work and went for a power walk with Wifey that I decided I was feeling more peckish than I had thought.  Mind over matter.

Mish has put in one of my all time favouritist dishes - in the world - ever - on the menu.  Risotto.  Wifey used to ask what I felt like for dinner and I would enthusiastically reply, RISOTTO.  I could eat it every night...but in moderation now, of course :)

As I was watching Mish's live video a thought went through my head (I am savouring it, don't worry).  Does Mish go through the blogs?  Does she have little 'spies' doing it?  (By 'spies' I mean sidekicks or helpers - nothing derogatory.)  Clearly she can't read them all - there are a heck of a lot of them going on (and I must confess, I do enjoy reading other people's and reading of their journey).

Okay.  So I went nosing around the forums.  I started off there with a hiss and a roar at the beginning, but now I very rarely go in.  Why?  Because there's too much going on - a lot of it isn't really relevant to me (seems to be a huge emphasis in there on (a) women's issues or (b) kids/families - there isn't really a "space" for me).  Another reason, and this is going to sound really rude, is that a topic thread may be started and people just go right of on tangents that are so not related...when they could just start their own thread.  I guess I'm like this in real time, too.  I much prefer blending in and saying very little.  Could be why I blog - I can write what I like and not care whether people are reading or not 'cos at the end of the day I'm really only doing it for myself.  
Anyhow, I've gone off on one of those tangents mentioned above...  It's great to see so many people achieving their goals, though seeing some people who, to me, are sticks in the first place wanting to lose 10kgs etc is rather off-putting.  I put down in the pre-season task that "gyms are for fit people, not fat people".  Being a fatty, I don't feel comfortable around people who really have no real reason in my mind to complain about their bodies - but do.  Consider it jealousy ;)

Don't mind me grumbling.  It happens often ;)  People just ignore me.  I accept that.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12WBT +17

Ho hum.  I'm bored with this particular day.

Day back from a long weekend.  No one likes these days.  They're kinda pointless.  Nothing gets achieved.  Though I was told that I'm going to have to move from one end of the office to the other at some point in the near future.  Then I was told I have to move everything myself.  Free workout at work.  Score.  The reality is that I'm pissy.  I only just got settled into where I am.  The other end of the office is pants.  It's the "dead" end.  Very quiet.  Conducive to work, I guess.

Lunch, again, was scrummy.  I'd never thought I'd be such a salad convert, but bring 'em on!  I don't know which one is my favourite now - they've all been so good.  And filling.  Filling is good.  I am slipping off the wagon a wee bit though.  PT keeps saying we should eat something every three hours.  The first week and a half I was good, but now, I don't feel like my morning and afternoon tea snacks (which are usually just a couple of teaspoons of mixed seeds).  Must start getting back to them though.

Was really excited when I got home.  BoB was here.  I <3 BoB so far.  We've been tied to Optus for the last two years and have had absolute CRAP service.  Most days we have to re-boot the modem several times a day.  The Internet is not really that much faster than dial-up.  We only have 60GB.  Now, with iiNet, we have 400GB (well, realistically only 200GB as we're not home to use the off-peak quota (or if we are, we're sleeping)) and paying less than scummy Optus.  Anyhow, new gadget.  EP LOVES his gadgets.  Lots.  Huzzah!

After getting the new Internet sorted, I did my workout.  Kinda.  It was the toning DVD.  I don't know about these.  Firstly, it's a scarily happy American.  Secondly, I get the feeling these are designed for women.  Thirdly, bloody hell - how flexible can a person be!?  Fourthly, there isn't a fourthly.  I just wanted to say fourthly - for no apparent reason.

Following the exercise was a spurt of energy setting up our study as a spare bedroom for Wifey's parents who are coming down for a couple of days.  Then came dinner.  We substituted the fish for pork (okay, perhaps not the bestest substitute but man cannot live on chicken alone).  This was nice but I felt like more...something for dessert.  Blueberries and yoghurt.  Yummy!

I'm worried.  The weekly argument with the scales is looming.  Wifey thinks I will have lost weight.  Just.  Her guess is a drop of 200g.  Me, on the other hand, does not hold out much hope.  My guess is a gain of 600-800g.  I have no real reason for feeling this.  It just seems like it's what the scales are going to say.  That and I have no real idea about my body - I only know how to read it when the ol' BP is too high.  P'haps I should sit down with the scales beforehand and have a good, stern word to them.  Mind you, didn't work last time ;)  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12WBT +16

Arrgh.  I am about to throw the worlds biggest tanty...and I only have myself to blame.  I couldn't work out how this is +16...when it's Monday, and Monday should've been +15.  Back to the editing page and counting back from the first day of the pre-season.  Meticulous counting.  This should be +16.  It's not right.  Grrr.  More frustration.  More counting.  More ending up with +16.  Even more frustration...laptop nearing its last breath...lounge about to have a new air con system (using laptop).  Monday?  Hang on.  It's Tuesday!  Oh, crap.  I've just wasted about 10 minutes of my life because of a stupid public holiday (if the God of public holidays is reading this, they're not stupid at all - I'm taking out my frustration of being a bit dim today on them - please feel free to give us more.  Thanks).  This also explains why I thought I'd invented a whole day over the weekend.  Oops.  My bad.

And ranting over, welcome back to our regular programming :)

Labour Day.  I like this day.  Well, I like it more when I remember to turn the alarm off so we can sleep in.  Stupid o'clock and there's this racket beside me.  Neither Wifey or I were overly impressed.  As it transpired, it worked out well for me (not for Wifey).  

Got up and did an hour in front of the tele (my new way of saying I did one of the Biggest Loser DVDs - either Calorie Killer or Cardio Burn).  Dropped something like 640ish calories.  I think it was more to do with not being awake and having more difficulty with coordination than usual.

Nephew 7/7 was coming over to spend the day with us (he's interested in photography so we offered to take him out for the day).  This, I suppose, was another reason for getting up early.  I was mid-way through making brekkie for the day (still not happy with the banana bread breakfast - that was pants!) and the Thai beef salad (without the fish sauce - yuck) for lunch when his train pulled up.  

We ended up going over to Cockatoo Island for a good couple or so hours (a great place for photography - if you're into old machines and buildings and the like) before heading to Circular Quay (to walk up to Darling Harbour - exercise is good, and saved sitting about waiting for trains and changing etc).  We managed to catch up with Nephew 1/7 (7/7's oldest brother - 1/7, 2/7, 6/7 & 7/7 are one family, 3/7, 4/7 & 5/7 are another - my sisters clearly didn't do very well in the cabbage-patch lucky dip ;) ).  He gave us a very quick tour of the office complex he works in (was good as it wasn't as busy as normal, being Labour Day and all).  Had a quick lunch and then took the cameras around the Wildlife centre at Darling Harbour.  Nephew 7/7 didn't do too badly with his photos (could've been better, but then I've still not looked at all my ones so can't bag him too much).

It was a longish day, walking around and trying to have conversations with a 14y/o.  I'm sure I wasn't as bad as he was when I was that age...but I most likely was.  Oh, joy.  Perhaps the prospect of teenagers to contend with in the future... ;)

I really wish I'd worn the HRM for the day.  Would've been interesting to see how many calories I'd dropped.

Dinner was another meal I enjoyed.  Getting a wee bit sick of pizzas (can't believe I've said that!).  I like them, but I wonder if Mish's ulterior motive is to make us feel like we never want to eat another one again.  Very cunning...