Sunday, October 10, 2010

12WBT +21

The plan to get up and go for a longish walk/run went out the window.  We're really not used to having an almost pitch-black room!  It was nice to have a bit of a sleep-in though.

When we finally surfaced, we wandered around a few of the lanes and alleys in Melbourne before settling on a spot in the Block Arcade for brekkie.  I had a lovely omelette on sour bread.  Sadly, they have the eggs pre-done so there went my plan for a one yolk, two whites omelette.  We wandered around even more and then made our way up to the Melbourne Museum for the Titanic exhibition (walking, of course).  That was well good to see.  So amazing to see pieces that had been lifted from the bottom of the ocean where they've been for decades.  It was well worth the visit and I'm so pleased we went to it!  Even better - we both survived. (Each visitor received a boarding pass with a real passenger's details and at the end, we could see if we survived or perished.)

We weren't sure what to do next.  It was still early-ish so we wandered back into town (via a couple of quaint wee bookstores) and then decided to take the tram to St Kilda.  Got there and went for a walk along the pier and promenade.  Absolutely lovely weather - was nice to have the sea breeze as well.  While there we found a cafe opposite Luna Park and had lunch (ok, so it was a late lunch - being 4.30pm!).  Wifey and I shared a small pizza.  Then we headed back to town.  Had another wander and then back to the hotel for a bit of a freshen up (and to rest our weary feet).  We'd decided that we would visit Lygon Street for a bite of dinner.  On again went the shoes (for me, a different pair - partly to ease my feet, partly to ease the smell of the other pair). 

Strolling around Melbourne, whether by day or by night, is a great experience.  The people there are always so laid back and there are so many looks - people watching becomes a favourite past-time.  

On Lygon Street, we settled for a small Italian place (surprise, surprise).  Portion was rather larger than we'd planned on.  Another setback for EP's weight loss.  The walk back to the hotel hopefully went some way to shedding the excess calories from dinner...and lunch...and brekkie.  Hmm ;)

Even though no "formal" exercise was done, we were walking around a lot (should've worn my HRM, huh?).  It was a good day - relaxing - and that, my friends, was the purpose of the weekend away.  Perhaps I should start worrying as the week four measurements are coming up - and, of course, the dreaded weekly weigh-in (my guess - increase of about 2kgs - bugger!!!).

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