Monday, October 18, 2010

12WBT +29

Here's a simple formula: (sunshine + no wind) + weekend = very happy EP

Now, if "weekend" was replaced with either "long weekend" or "holiday", then it would be an even happier EP.  'Twas not to be the case so I'll just settle with the simple one :)

It's amazing how such a little thing like a sunny day can improve one's disposition (just like when I lived in London - sun made everyone happy; rain or cold weather had the opposite effect).  Even doing the boring, mundane domestics didn't seem to be as bad.  Mind you, having nothing planned for the day allowed us to plod along with them in between doing other bits & pieces.  I even managed to get stuck into the garden again (this was only because the weather of late has made all the seed put out for the birds sprout into grass - making a very unkempt-looking garden)...and our garden is only a tiny wee thing!

Sat out in the sun and had a late breakfast (which was really a brunch).  Two-egg omelette (2 whites, 1 yolk) and a toasted muffin.  Sitting out in the sun, coupled with being relaxed, I think made it taste even better.  Because we had it so late (around 10ish) it ended up keeping us going until about 5pm, when we realised we were a bit peckish.  Rather than having something that we didn't really need, Wifey prepared us a fruit salad with yoghurt.  I always enjoy a fresh fruit salad (providing there are no melons or passionfruit in it - yuck! ;) ).

I really should've been thinking more about my PhD today, since it was a very quiet day.  Nah - couldn't be bothered.  It can wait - it's waited this long, what's another week or so?

So.  Week 5 of the program is upon us.  One month is done and dusted.  So far, so good.  So far, so easy.  I'm starting to wonder what's about to come out of the woodwork to get us going even more (or, to bite me on the arse for saying "so far, so easy"!).  Would be interesting to find out what the drop out rate has been.  I'm sure I read on one of the forum discussions someone asking whether there could be a feature on the site indicating the total amount of weight lost by all participants.  That would be interesting - especially if it had an average listed, too.  I suppose, as well as being interesting, it could also be very discouraging for some (and I bet I'd fall into that category!).

Even though my loss over the first few weeks hasn't been much (3.1kgs), I'm still well chuffed with it.  I know that I could be doing more in terms of the exercise and I feel that after the effort over the last few days (2 days over 1000 calories), I think I'm ready to up the ante and actually start pushing myself just that wee bit more.  Sessions with PT will start up again this Saturday (after a two-week hiatus while PT has been off at body sculpting comps), so that'll be good...he says with a cringe ;)

Onwards and upwards (or should that be onwards and downwards - weight-wise?).  Two months to go and, in my perfect world, 27kgs to go...

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