Monday, October 25, 2010

12WBT +36

Today was a bit cooler than yesterday and, luckily, the rain held off while we went for an afternoon walk.  Nothing too strenuous, more to get us out of the house (again).  Much more enjoyable than our earlier excursion - to Woolies.  It seemed to be a bad time we chose.  Heaps of people (most of whom purposely tried to get in the way of me and my trolley).  Let's not go to the supermarket at 10am next time.

I's feeling a wee bit sore today.  Putting it down to doing the DVDs last night.  Perhaps doing them at that time of night isn't conducive to my health ;)  I did lose a bit of gusto towards the end of the session, but hey - gone from doing nothing to a 3hr session.  A bit of an improvement...just.

Enjoyed brekkie today.  Nothing better than a fried egg on a Sunday.  Since I don't eat baked beans, I cooked up two eggs (still less calories than one plus the baked beans).  It makes the weekend seem like a weekend.  Rather than the usual cereal etc had on weekdays, the Sunday cooked is a great change.  Only prob is that I don't often feel like lunch.  In saying that, we wandered to the bakery and picked up a small loaf.  Mmm, freshly baked bread with tomato & mustard (not to mention a wee bit of cheese).

Pain hasn't gone.  Not happy, Jan.  My arms are terribly sore.  Wasn't the DVDs - it was the evil PT's activities.  How do I know this?  Wifey is suffering the same.  At least it's not 'cos I'm completely and utterly unfit!  Wifey's fit and if she's hurtin', what hope is there for me - haha.

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