Sunday, October 31, 2010

12WBT +41

Fridays have become my day of rest.  The only real activity I do is to wander to the gym to meet Wifey and then wander home (usually a quicker walk there than home as I tend to forget to leave the house on time and have to hurry ;) ).

We've both been very tired of late and a result of this was me forgetting to make lunch last night.  Crap!  Didn't even think about it until we got up.  Oh, boy.  This is meaning a bought lunch - how will I go?  While Wifey was good and got a salad, I went for a Subway sub - in part due to having very little time.  I was fairly good though.  No mayo/sauce.  No cheese.  Just a roll with chicken, lettuce, tomato and capsicum.  To my credit, I avoided the foot long and only got a 6-incher.  I didn't feel hungry afterwards but at the same time, it seemed...emptier than a usual lunch.

Once again, the night flew by and we were short of time for dinner.  Luckily, the zucchini & broccoli cheesy bake was a quick meal.  There were a few things I might do differently to it if it crops up again.  Namely, adding maybe some paprika or a bit of flavour to the cheese sauce.  It was rather bland, otherwise.

Was funny.  We chucked on a DVD and Wifey, being cheeky, asked if I was going to fall asleep.  I responded in the negative...then was promptly out like a light.  I'm good like that.  As soon as I'm in a comfortable spot (sometimes not even then) all I need to do is close my eyes and that's me for the night.  Out for the count.  Sometimes I may laugh or talk in my sleep (e.g., have been known to, in quite a chirpy manner, wish Wifey a 'good morning' 3am).   Luckily for Wifey, this was not repeated...

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