Monday, September 20, 2010

12WBT +1 (let it all begin!)

Blackmores Bridge Run was held yesterday.  What a fantastic experience and a great pre-12WBT activity!  Granted it was only 9kms, but it was still good to do.  I managed to run about 3.5-4kms of it.  Sadly, my goal was to run 6km.  Look, given I'm still chesty I'm very happy with my performance.  Time-wise, I did it in around 70 minutes (1hr 10m) - this is only an estimate because I turned the HRM on when the starting gun went off - not when I crossed the start line.  People caused me much pain - with so many people, it's often hard to get around them easily - especially when slower people don't move aside.  I think the most frustrating part was running along Macquarie Street - the street was split in two for those going up to the turnaround point and those heading to the finish line.  Many people in the latter group crossed the witches hats to get around others; this meant that our lot had to move around not only the slower ones, but the ones heading in the opposite direction.  A bit messy really.  

Wifey and I were looking forward to a sausage sizzle at the end.  We queued up and were about 4 people short of getting one in the end - they ran out!!!  Piss poor if you ask me!  (Now, I only say this as I was very much looking forward to one - next year we'll pre-order them when we sign up :) )  We ended up walking back across the bridge to Milson's Point (from Circular Quay) - what was another foot crossing of the bridge - and had a chicken roll from a nice wee place we know there and then on the train home to shower and...recover ;)

Great day!

We made lunches and prepped brekkie from Mish's menu - tres exciting.  I wonder how I'll go with a cutting back of food intake?  What if I starve?  ;)  Am I bovvered?  I'm not bovvered! :)

Last night's dinner: Salad sandwich (with a wee sausage in it - found in the bottom of the freezer...shhhhhh).

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