Sunday, September 5, 2010

12WBT -15

Wifey woke up this morning and decided that there was too much 'clutter' around the house.  Spring is here; time to spring clean.  The WHOLE day was spent going through cupboards (of junk) and clothes.  While I may have been a bit complainy about it all, the weather was absolute pants (curse the rain and wind!) and the trains weren't running (curse weekend track works!) so I guess it was the best time to get stuck in and do it.  It's amazing how much crap we accumulate over a very short time.  We've only been in Sydney for two years and already have about 20 big tubs of stuff stored in the garage - not to mention all the stuff not stored, but sitting around the house!  A purge is always good.

For the last few months we've been writing out weekly menus and only buying groceries we need for these meals.  Can I just say that this is the best thing in the world we've decided to do? Not only are we now saving money on the weekly shop (down about $50pw on what it was - not much in the grand scheme of things, but that works out to about 25% for us), but - what I think is even more important than the monetary savings - we're hardly wasting anything now.  On grocery day we'd go to the fridge and throw out all the stuff we'd not used during the week to make way for the new stock.  Now, there's almost nothing being thrown out.  This is good, particularly for the environment.  

I think it finally dawned on me today that this may be the last Saturday I have of sheer laziness - especially if PT is going to attempt to kill me each week ;)  Ahh, it's all for the better good...

Last night's dinner: Pork mince tacos with corn on the cob.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Chameleons don't change colour to match the background.  Rather, they change due to different emotional states.  Matching the background colour is a fluke.

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