Saturday, November 13, 2010

12WBT +55

Okay.  Grump time.  PT wanted a session on Friday not Saturday.  I can handle that.  She wanted it in the evening and not the morning.  Again, I can deal with that.  What I am not happy about is that she waits until only a couple of hours before it to break it to me that she wants me in the gym.  Really?  Me?  Gym?  I'm not thinking so.  Have been hurling abuse (of the good natured kind) at her since.  At the time of writing this, I've not been...and I'm still not happy.

Had an 8am meeting at work this morning so was lazy...again...and took a couple of crumpets to have (bare, of course).  Even though I was in the office just gone 7am, I never had a chance to get to them until 9.30am.  Boy, did I enjoy them or what!?  If I've not eaten by about 8am now, my stomach feels that my throat's been cut.  It's bad!

Lunch, again because we were running late yesterday and I was in a lazy mode, comprised of four rice thins.  Sadly, we had no cottage cheese to put on them so ended up having them like my crumpets - naked. Not overly filling but at the same time, I haven't felt peckish since.

Went and met PT at the gym.  I waited outside (not being a member and all) and she came out.  Think she spotted the "Not happy, Jan" expression on my face and suggested the park.  All smiles and we were off ;)  I'm not one for praising a PT session much, but man, I thoroughly enjoyed this one!  It wasn't any different to others, really, so I don't know why.  Perhaps it was the running (sick puppy I am, eh?).  I was well happy afterwards (just over 1000 calories in just over an hour).  I made the ultimate deal with PT.  When I get down to 85kgs, I will start going to the gym.  She thinks that's very achievable...  Damn, maybe I should've said 75kgs ;)

When I got home I had a quick shower and then cooked dinner.  Wifey's off doing her Duke of Edinburgh purgatory and we've got a house guest for the weekend so I thought I'd best do something tasty...which I did (even if I do say so myself).  An adaptation of the pork salad on this week's menu (i.e., hardly anything suggested in the recipe and more of what we had left in the house (apple, pear...).  Poor guest - it was all a little too healthy for him.  He had to go and get the mayo and some bread & butter.

Oh, well talking about food (mmm, food...*drools*), how uber chuffed was I to read Mish's email and to see my name as a winner of a prize?  Bit of a shock there, but yay!  I've got about two or three George Foreman grills back home in NZ (either in storage or in Mum's cupboards...or possibly given away - can't remember) but we don't have one here.  I quite like using them as it saves wasting the electricity heating up the oven (will admit to not liking cleaning them...but then, I don't like dishes duty, either - haha).  Big congrats to the other 19 winners of that challenge, too.  There were some scrummy sounding recipes in there (even the fish dishes sounded & looked good...and I don't do food from the ocean).  Hmm...I might've just been bitten by the winning bug after a lifetime of never winning much.  Perhaps I should start eyeing up the overall first prize for myself? ;)  Haha - not even.  Too many more deserving in the program than me (I find myself lapsing too much).


  1. Grills are awesome and fast! I love our grill. Cleaning while it sucks if you can buy the George Forman cleaning sponge with the grooves, it's heaps easier. Love the gym challenge - you will be in there in no time :)

  2. No. I won't be in there in no time. I still have this MASSIVE mental barrier goin' on :(

    If I can, somehow, get down to 85kgs, I fear I'll have to live up to my end of the bargain... PT will make me (I can't keep getting away with sulking).

    Thanks for the sponge tip - I think I've seen them before (may've even had one way back in Dunners...).