Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12WBT +51

Another day, another dollar.  Don't know who coined that, but how appropriate is it today?  I'm not really complaining.  I finished work at 3pm today (they owe me hours from last week and by joves, I'm going to claw them all back...or just take them).  

Came home to do my daily exercise.  Did about 20mins of it before my tootsies were giving me an ultimatum: "continue or suffer the consequences of the pain of burst blisters - that's right.  More than just one blister, baby.  Go on.  Dare ya.  Double dare ya.  I will even physical challenge ya".  Who was I to argue with the wrath of the blisters?  I was happy I survived 20mins, but really, spare the effort.  Tomorrow it'll be right though.  It's my turn to throw the ultimatum at those there blisters on my tootsies: "I shall concede one day to you but no more.  If you ain't calmed down by the time I get home from work tomorrow I will inflict the curs'd needle upon thee and strike each of you down with one foul sweep of it.  Ha!  Haha!".  

Not really that crazy.  I don't usually have imaginary conversations with blisters.  I think I shall sit here and wait for the meds to kick in...

Fitness test today.  Oh, how much do I love Mish for throwing these at us every four weeks?  Well, I don't mind most of them - I just don't like the ones that I can't seem to do any improving in (typically the sit ups and the stupid one with the ruler (see - really dislike that one!)).  Let's see if there are any improvements this time around?

Well, there are some improvements.  That's a good sign.  The measuring tape is showing minor signs of liking me more (I guess, less is more sometimes).  Didn't end up doing all of the tests - improved on the 1km again (much less of an improvement than four weeks ago, but hey).  Will do the rest tomorrow evening (read: when I can be arsed ;) ).

Had crumpets for brekkie today.  Didn't feel like cereal.  Just sayin'.  Am getting quite used to them without the massive blob of butter I used to enjoy.  Not missing it.  At all.  Lunch was not what was on the menu.  There seems to be a lot of fish in this week's menu so we've swung into adaption mode.  Wifey made a lovely four bean salad with lettuce, egg, carrot and capsicum...and a drizzle of balsamic.  Scrummy!  I think the fact that it was my day off from making lunches made it taste even sweeter :)

Dinner comprised of the lamb cutlets.  They were nice (beautifully cooked) but I don't know.  Neither Wifey or I were satisfied afterwards.  Not sure what it was - just something wasn't resonating.  I forgot to pick up the green beans at the supermarket so we ended up with frozen corn & peas.  That wasn't the problem.  Wish I could put my finger on it...

I am beginning to question what's happened to the "old" me.  I'm having great difficulty in believing that I am so getting into these fun runs that I've even collated a list of runs next year that we may enter.  Fortuitously, someone on the forums happened to ask if anyone knew of any more coming up - just after I'd compiled my wee list (even though I know it's by no means a complete list!).  Will be interesting to see how many I can get through next year.  I know we won't be even considering the first one on the list (the "resolution run") in early January.  We'll be most likely sunning ourselves on Zanzibar when that's on (even then, the old me wouldn't have been too keen on doing that, either.  He was a fussy, lazy sod!).

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