Sunday, November 7, 2010

12WBT +47


Am booked in for the end of season party.  Should be a good bit o' craic.  Was even kind enough to get a ticket for Wifey (well, the least I could do given how supportive she's been through this).  Looking forward to it - kinda.  The thought of having to buy some new 'going out clothes' doesn't do much for me.  Mind you, I'm starting to dislike all the clothes I have now.  I've not lost a lot of weight, but I must be losing the cms as my trousers, jeans and shirts are all starting to look a bit...baggy on me.  Not looking forward to parting with the $$$ on new clothes.

Another day of meetings.  Had cereal, fruit & yoghurt for brekkie.  Actually had a chance to have lunch today - shame it wasn't very healthy.  Well, parts of it were - just not necessarily the parts I had ;)   A scrummy Mediterranean salad, a mini sausage roll and two vege spring rolls...and a few sweets.

Finished doing the laundry (the more I do during the week, the less there is to do on the weekends).  See.  That's how exciting my life is :(

The problem with having these meetings, even if I know they're red flag days, is that by the time I get home and think about dinner, I really, physically can't be arsed doing exercise.  So much for my, 'I'm going to do better next week'.  Bah.  I'm fat.  I'm lazy.  I'm proud.  *waves the fat banner*.  Just kidding...I'd hope...

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