Tuesday, November 2, 2010

12WBT +44

This is it.  Week 7 of the 12WBT.  I need to pull finger if I want to impress.  Impress?  Where did that word come from?  Who am I out to impress?  Me?  Wifey?  The world?  These inner dialogues that play out in my head scare me at times...  You don't know what it's like to just go into a whole different world when you're doing your blog, do you?  I'd like to know now?  Is it just me who sits there and zones out, letting whatever is going on in my head control what is being typed?  Maybe I should think this and not say it out loud.

I am gearing myself up for another weight gain this week.  I feel fat(ter than usual).  Y'know, it's like when your body is telling you something you already know in your head.  Gee, there we go again.  More internal conflict.  Not really conflict.  This time my body and my head are in full agreement.  Maybe it was too soon to stop referring to myself as fatty-boom-boom.  Oddly, I find myself nodding as I write that.  *sigh*

Bought a new breakfast container on the weekend.  It's just a cheap one from Woolies, but it's a tube with three individual containers that screw into each other.  One for cereal, one for fruit and one for yoghurt.  I'm so anal when it comes to being organised, it's sad.  At least I'm cheap to amuse ;)

Adapted lunch today.  Most likely for the worse, but it was a necessary evil (hey!  That's how I should refer to myself - a necessary evil.  I like that.  I like that a lot!).  Skipped the contents suggested and replaced with chargrilled eggplant, feta, rocket and a tiny bit of cottage cheese (Wifey also had avocado - yuck!).  I love wraps.  I also love salads.  Can't believe that I used to have a sandwich every day for lunch. God, doubt I could eat all those carbs anymore.

When I got home from work, after doing my workout (yes, still loving the Biggest Loser DVDs - now talking when doing them - not swearing.  Things like, 'Bring it on, baby' etc.  For the record, I do this when it's only me at home.  Shame, otherwise!), I put a recipe that Wifey and I developed into practice.  Wifey's World Tour Lunch - 295cals.  With the exception of the olives (yuck - yeah, I'm the fussiest bloke around, I know.  I know), it looked scrummy.  First attempt.  Wifey will get it for lunch tomorrow (my work's putting on a Melbourne Cup lunch for us...give me the strength to avoid temptation as God knows it'll be there in full force!).  Will have to report on what she thought of it...

Dinner was the chicken & yoghurt.  Can I just say, Wifey is the BESTEST in the kitchen.  I've not had chicken so lovely and tender before (close, but this won hands down!).  It was a divine dish.  Sadly, we still have some banana loaf sitting around and a slice forced itself down my throat.  True story.  Banana loaf can be well forceful at times - have you ever had an encounter with it?  Erm...normal programming please, EP... ;)

PS: workout - 667cals in 52 minutes.

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