Thursday, August 26, 2010

12WBT -25

Y'know what?  For someone who feels he's rather quiet & reserved, I seem to be able to talk a lot - no, A LOT, of rubbish on this blog...and I'm only three days into it - still another 110 days or so to go.  When I first moved to London I had a blog for the family & friends back home - "ramblings of a madman".  At the time I may've been thinking of a quirky title.  Hindsight would say that it was the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth and perhaps I couldn't handle the tooth ;)

Today I did some measurements.  Not happy, Jan!  Even though I know I'm a better size than I was four years ago (when I found jeans that were 40" were verging on uncomfortably snug), I'm still not impressed with myself!  Since the measuring tape was out, I figured why not get the camera out too.  Before, during and after piccys could be interesting (not sure interesting is the correct word to use here...petrifying, perhaps?).  We'll see...I might even pop them up on here to scare the living bejeebers out of people (yes, little kiddies, if you eat crisps & sweets, drink lots of fizzy drinks, prefer sitting in front of your televisions & computers rather than going outside and running around, THIS is what you'll turn into *cue evil laugh*).  Ahem, yeah.  I might be a believer in scare tactics ;)  As Wifey and I are thinking of starting a family next year, this could be good ammo in the future - haha.  Seriously though, the thought of starting a family in my current shape does not sit well with me.  I don't want to be a fat dad who doesn't get out and about with the munchkin.  Along with my increasing vanity with age (I mean, who doesn't check their receding hairline and for grey hairs every morning in the bathroom mirror?), this is one of the trigger factors for wanting to do this program and help me drop some kgs (and tone up).

The only exercise I did was to go for a walk at the mall...from the station to the mall, via the post office, around a couple levels of the mall and then back to the station.  Not really exercise...oops.

Was excited to read that the next pre-season task is to be 'unlocked'.  Hooray!  I think...  Will reflect upon it on the morrow.  I hope it's not too confronting...

Last night's dinner: A couple of crumpets with honey (Wifey was out and I couldn't be bothered doing anything more)

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The driest place on earth is actually Antarctica - due to dryness being measured by the amount of rainfall.

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