Tuesday, August 24, 2010

12WBT -27 days to go

Okay.  The second day doth begin.

I survived the first day intact.  Not really that difficult to do really ;)

Very surprised at how addictive the forum has become...  What I am liking is that it's not just me with issues.  I've always said that the world revolves around me (there is a strong element of truth in my belief of this statement so wouldn't argue with me ;) ).  Perhaps I've always thought that because my issues have always seemed to be so...individual.  This couldn't be further from the truth - and could lead to an addiction to the 12WBT forums for the next 16 weeks...oh dear!

So...with day one behind me now, I am pleased to report that Wifey (who, I must say, is absolutely supportive of me) had been talking about going to rock 'n' roll dance lessons and finally got up and did it last night!  Why rock 'n' roll?  Easy answer: why not?  Nah, I did it way back in the olden days (when I was in a local drama group) and it was fun.  That I grew up with the music around the house also helped.  I was born with two left feet.  Not in the literal sense!  (Imagine that!  Would you have to buy two pair of shoes and throw away the right ones?  Perhaps the shoe stores would kindly sell just the left ones and keep the right ones for displays?  I digress...)  I've always said that I don't dance.  Ever.  Even at our wedding I was reluctant (but we compromised on a short song...and started dancing after the song started...obviously - we would've looked silly dancing before it started!).  Anyhow, it came up in discussion and after a quick search on the 'net we found a local class.  Huzzah!

How was it?  I think that I need to be adding a new goal to my initial list - coordination.  You'd think doing the same steps over and over would be easy.  Well, let me tell you it's not.  They throw in tricks - like different moves...and music!  Arrgh.  In all honesty, it was a nice wee workout.  Would've been better had we done more than just the basic steps.  Perhaps next week (week 3 of 6 - we missed week 1, unfortunately).  I can see Wifey and I practicing at home.  I think tonight may be some boxing at home (unless Wifey goes to a class at the gym).

I have the rest of the week off before I start my new job on Monday - that could be interesting.  Not sure how I'll go with working on weight loss then (I have a bad habit of using food to ease my stresses...I guess, in easing stresses it's also creating them).  Oh well.  So long as I'm aware of this...

Last night's dinner: roasted kumara & lentil patties with spinach, corn on the cob & cherry tomatoes.  Portion sizes need to be worked on (curse recipes that make for four and not two...halving the recipe just doesn't look right).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world but Mauna Kea (Hawaii) is the tallest.  'Tallest' is measured from the seabed whereas 'highest' is measured from sea level.


  1. hey EP, great to see the blog, its gonna be great to follow other people's stories. I am getting the feeling there is a lot of inspiration to be gleaned from them.
    The waiting is torture though ... ! really can't wait to get stuck into it :)
    good luck!

  2. Thanks!
    Michelle's definitely hit the nail on the head with this program. Isn't it great to know that there are so many people out there ready to support you?
    The next month is going to be a killer - I just want to get going...now :)
    Keep well.

  3. Roasted kumara & lentil patties with spinach sound great. Care to share the recipe?

  4. They were very delish! Will pop recipe up in another posting later today :)